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  • A Brief History of Southern Car Parts

    Southern Car Parts is proud to bring you the best possible experience when you’re shopping for car parts. We are a dedicated crew of car fanatics who have spent years in and around some of the finest sports cars in the world and we are excited to bring the parts as well as our knowledge and experience to our customers every day. Whatever you are looking for, we want to help you find it at the best possible price. But just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, we started small before growing to where we are now. Here is a brief history of Southern Car Parts.

    A Brief History of Southern Car Parts Southern Car Parts

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  • C6 Corvette Splitters, Skirts, Spoilers

    We at Southern Car Parts have made it easy when choosing C6 Corvette splitters, skirts, spoilers. When it comes to dressing up your C6 Corvette you have a lot of choices. There are a lot of companies and parts to choose from.  You need to ask yourself if you are trying to make your car look like another model or just some add-ons to enhance the appearance. We hope we can make the decision easier for you.


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  • Getting your Corvette Ready for Car Shows: Interior Add-Ons

    interior add ons

    Is the inside of your ‘Vette looking a little tired and pedestrian? Southern Car Parts has a huge selection of Corvette interior parts to give the interior of your Corvette a brand new personality. Whether you're gearing up for a show or just want to look classy tooling down the road, we’ve got all the trim parts and accessories you need from top manufacturers. We guarantee every part we carry to be best in class. And you can’t beat our online prices.

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  • Getting your Corvette Ready for Car Shows: Underhood Appearance

    underhood appearance

    The Corvette’s small-block v8 engine not only delivers amazing sound and performance, it looks good as well. But if you’re getting your ‘Vette ready for a car show, you’ll want to spruce things up under the hood with aftermarket exterior parts that ensure your engine will catch the eyes and the attention of everyone at the show.

    At Southern Car Parts, we offer an extensive lineup of Corvette exterior parts designed especially for the Corvette C6 engine bay. You can select visually appealing dress-ups made of chrome, aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber as well as CNC polished stainless steel components from the specialists in Corvette dress-ups – American Car Craft. Continue reading

  • 5 Best Mods for Increasing Horsepower

    improve horsepower

    Looking for more get-up-and-go from your engine? With a few simple modifications, you can increase your horsepower anywhere from 10 to 30 percent. Here are five of the best mods for getting more horses under your hood. Continue reading

  • Choosing the Right Corvette Air Intake

    Cold Air intake

    Corvettes are fun to drive right off the showroom floor. But if you want more power and performance, you’ll want to replace the factory air box with a less restrictive aftermarket Corvette air intake system. Continue reading

  • Borla Exhaust options for the Camaro

    Here are Southern Car Parts we love to help our customers pick out the best aftermarket exhausts for their awesome sports cars. And one of our favorite cars to talk about is the modern Chevy Camaro. An exhaust is a personal decision, and the type you choose not only changes the sound of your car but also the way people see you as the driver. For years now we have consistently found that a Borla Exhaust options for the Camaro is the top choice for a huge number of our friends and customers.  A deep, aggressive aftermarket sound announces to the world that your Camaro is not just a modern muscle car, but a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.

    Borla Exhaust options for the Camaro Camaro ZL1 Borla Touring Cat-Back Exhaust

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  • Paul Morris From Southern Car Parts

    Well my name is Paul Morris From Southern Car Parts. I wanted to take this time to give our Southern Car Parts customers a little background on my Corvette experience. I started off in the automotive field in high school in auto mechanic class. I graduated and went on to tech school where I there also graduated and went on to starting my career as a mechanic. after about 4 years I was given the opportunity to go work at a shop in Houston, Tx call Corvette Techniques. There I did general repairs and performance upgrades. The company was sold and I moved on to a new Corvette shop.

    SHCC Woodlands Show SHCC Woodlands Show

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  • Choosing C7 Corvette Wheels

    Well the new C7 Corvette is in the garage and you love it to death. You took it out on the town and then one weekend you put it in a car show. The thing you noticed was all the cars had the same style wheels. You thought to yourself I need to change the look of my new ride with some new C7 Corvette Wheels.

    C7 Corvette Wheels C7Z06 Reproduction Wheels

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  • C7 Corvette APR Carbon Fiber Parts

    We at Southern Car Parts are completely enamored with the C7 Corvette; it is an amazingly well appointed car right off the assembly line. There’s just no denying it! The attention to detail, the lines and the curves, you name it, the C7 is in a league all its own. But that’s not to say you can’t make an amazing car even better by adding carbon fiber upgrades. And when it comes to carbon fiber, no one does it better than industry leader APR Performance. As so many people have known for years now, APR Carbon Fiber is the best of the best, and their C7 items are some of the most astounding products they have ever made.

    APR Carbon Fiber C7 APR Carbon Fiber C7

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