CTS and CTS-V Airaid Intake Syst

CTS and CTS-V Airaid Intake Syst

Airaid Performance Intake Systems for the Cadillac CTS and CTS-V

Airaid Intake Systems for the CTS and CTS-V are easily installable and provide a quick, affordable, and instant performance boost. With a new Airaid intake system you can expect to see HP and Torque gains across the entire RPM range. Airaid Intake Systems utilize high flow air filters that help your engine breathe better than ever before, and air flow is the name of the game when talking performance.

Manufactured using the highest quality ingredients, and designed after extensive R&D with just your vehicle in mind, an Airaid exhaust is a fantastic way of giving your Cadillac some immediate 'oomph'! With an Airaid Intake you can be certain that you're getting the very best for your CTS-V in intake systems, and can rest assured that your intake will stay strong and beautiful for the full life of your vehicle.

Cadillac CTS Performance Airaid Intake System

An Airaid intake is a true 'must-have' modification piece for any and every Cadillac driver looking to get the most out of their vehicle.

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CTS and CTS-V Airaid Intake Syst

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