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  • Build the Perfect C7 Corvette – From Bumper to Bumper!

    It’s hard to believe, but the Corvette just keeps getting better with each year. The legendary Corvette has undergone plenty of changes since the first generation. And the C7, Corvette owners have plenty to like with its factory specifications. Continue reading

  • Exhaust Manifold vs. Exhaust Headers - Which Upgrade is Right for Your Car?

    Exhaust Manifold vs. Exhaust Headers

    If you want to add power to your car’s engine – and who doesn’t? – the exhaust system is a great place to start. Other modifications, such as a cold air intake or power programming module, certainly have their benefits, but there’s something about the power, sound, and overall performance upgrade that an exhaust mod provides. Continue reading

  • A Look at Camaro Then & Now (50th Anniversary: 1967-2017)

    camaro then and now

    It’s hard to believe, but the Camaro turns 50 this year! From the first generation Camaro in 1967 to today’s sixth generation model, this classic American car has been through countless tweaks, changes, upgrades and modifications. Continue reading

  • Fastest Corvettes Ever Made

    Fastest_vette_ header

    The Corvette is known for many things. Sleek, stylish lines. Legendary racing pedigree. And don’t forget out-of-this-world acceleration! The Vette is clearly one of the quickest cars around – but which particular Corvettes can lay claim to the fastest Corvettes ever made? Continue reading

  • Popular Corvette Performance Mods

    popular corvette mods

    Driving a Corvette is fun – almost as fun as modifying a Corvette! Southern Car Parts, the leader in premium aftermarket Corvette components, recommends these accessories for your next Vette upgrade:

    Continue reading

  • Mustang Movie Stars – Mustang Appearances in Popular Movies

    The Ford Mustang is a true American legend, both on the road and in the showroom.

    And the studio backlot, too!

    The Mustang also knows its way around Hollywood. The famous Ford sports car has seen more than its share of glory under the bright lights of American cinema. Continue reading

  • Complete Guide to Corvette Headers

    The Complete Guide to Corvette Headers (2)


    Our experts here at SCP field a ton of questions from Corvette enthusiasts and some of the most common queries involve Corvette exhaust headers. Here are some typical questions we receive:

    • Which Corvette exhaust header will provide the most horsepower boost?
    • How long will my Corvette header take to install?
    • How much HP can I reasonably expect my Corvette to produce with an aftermarket exhaust header?

    To help you decide which SCP Corvette exhaust header to buy, our in-house experts decided to spill the beans. We created the following Corvette header guide for everyone thinking about upgrading their ‘Vette’s exhaust system – seasoned pros, beginners, and everyone in between.

    SCP has an impressive assortment of high-performance exhaust components, including the best headers for your C5 Corvette. This article will look at how exhaust headers can improve your car’s performance, along with some of the most popular Corvette headers available at SCP. From dealerships to die-hard Corvette fanatics, SCP has all the best headers for your C5, C6, or C7 Corvette!

    Continue reading

  • Guide to Buying Your First Corvette

    Guide to Buying Your First Corvette

    Southern Car Parts is a preferred partner for anything to do with car modifications – parts for exterior enhancements, under the hood accessories and more. Our parts offer quality, durability, and dependability for Corvette owners all across the globe. For do-it-yourself mechanics and auto body technicians across the U.S. and all over the globe, SCP provides great prices, a wide selection of Corvette components (for both classic and contemporary models) and outstanding value.

    But what about those people who don’t own a Corvette…yet?

    Continue reading

  • Ultimate Guide to Creating a Carbon Fiber Corvette

    Carbon Fiber Parts

    Time for a little pop quiz. (Don’t worry, you’re not graded on this one.)

    Q: What’s better than a Corvette?

    A: Nothing. Continue reading

  • From Mustang to Ford Racing Mustang

    From Mustang to Ford Racing Mustang

    Any blue-blood Ford Mustang fanatic will tell you: sure, a stock Mustang is fine. It’s definitely better than all other cars on the road – or in the showroom, for that matter. But to truly make your mark with your Mustang, you have to somehow take your car from plain old regular to race-read & road-ruling.

    One option is to have a professional mechanic do all the work for you – but get ready to grab your wallet. Labor costs can quickly sink your budget, and here’s another thing to consider: are the parts good enough to warrant an expensive price tag? In other words, are you getting Ford Racing Performance parts for your Mustang?

    Today’s do-it-yourself self-tuning craze is made possible by parts outlets like Southern Car Parts. We empower DIY mechanics just like you to take control of their Mustang…and turn it into a machine that’s virtually untouchable on the road. You’ll not only save labor expenses, but you’ll also know that the work was done right – as long as you use Ford Racing Performance components and accessories.

    Just one Ford Racing Performance Mustang part – take the 670 HP Supercharger Kit, for example – can supply tons of extra power and noticeable performance gains. But the total Ford Racing Performance Mustang parts universe includes accessories for in and outside the engine.

    To better mimic the total racing experience, Ford Racing Performance parts include components for handling, appearance, interior comfort, braking, suspension and more. Individually, each part can upgrade specific aspects of your Mustang toward better performance. Collectively, the entire range of Ford Racing Performance Mustang parts can remake your factory Mustang into a racing legend. And best of all, you can find many of these accessories right here at Southern Car Parts! 

    Why Ford Racing Performance Parts?

    Not just any aftermarket accessory qualifies as a genuine Ford Performance Racing part. A thorough quality inspection is just the start. Ford Performance Racing parts must undergo the most stringent performance specs in the industry.

    These rigorous tests and checks aren’t just for identification purposes – although that’s an important reason. If an aftermarket Ford Mustang accessory is labeled with “Ford Performance Racing,” you can be sure it is made to specifications that go above and beyond “normal” aftermarket parts. And that label also identifies one other critical aspect of all Ford Racing Performance Mustang parts: the part is good enough for licensed Ford dealerships.

    If they’re good enough for Ford-trained service technicians and mechanics, they’re good enough for you. To ensure to best possible quality and superior, lasting performance, go with the Ford Mustang parts that are given the “official” stamp of approval – go with genuine Ford Racing Performance parts.

    Ford’s track testing methods are among the most rigorous and demanding in the performance parts industry. From initial design to manufacturing all the way to final testing, no other Ford Mustang parts can match Ford Racing Performance parts.

    Ford Racing Performance Parts from SCP: A Few Favorites

    Check out these Ford Racing Mustang parts – each one has earned the legendary Ford Racing performance distinction.

    670 HP Supercharger Kit

    2015-2017 Ford Mustang Supercharger Kit 670 HP M-6066-M8627

    We mentioned it once already, but greatness deserves a second look. This supercharger kit includes all required installation hardware, 93 octane fuel optimization and calibration to ensure it’s legal in all 50 states! After all, what’s the point of Mustang performance if it can’t perform in certain areas? This is one of our most popular Ford Racing Performance products, and it’s the perfect way to put your Mustang on the racing map.

    6-Piston Front Brake Kit

    2015-2017 Ford Mustang Performance Pack 6-Piston Front Brake Kit M-2300-V

    With pads, rotors, dust shields and installation hardware, this high-performance brake kit is a necessity for any Mustang making the regular-to-racing transformation. This brake kit is one of the cornerstones of the 2015 – 2017 Mustang Performance Package, and it’s recommended for your Mustang too!

    Short Throw Shifter

    2015-2017 Ford Mustang Short Throw Shifter M-7210-M8

    Performance is all about control – and what better way to harness your Mustang’s racing power than with this specialized short throw shifter? The comprehensive kit allows a near 20% reduction in throw, resulting in a more responsive driving experience. Plus, you can use the stock thread to install the shifter, resulting in a fast, professional installation.

    Performance Track Handling Kit

    2015-2017 Ford Mustang Track Strut and Shock Kit M-18000-F

    If you want the very best from your racing Mustang, you’ll want this handling accessory package. You’ll get shocks & struts, a lowering kit, bumper kit, sway bar and much more. What’s more, this kit also creates a super-aggressive stance for your Mustang. Performance, appearance, and driving excellence – this kit has it all!

    Rev Up Your Mustang Today with Southern Car Parts!

    A factory Ford Mustang already has high octane performance. For higher octane performance, Southern Car Parts has all the best Ford Racing Mustang parts and accessories – at great prices, too! Our Ford Racing Performance Parts selection includes many favorite parts for your Ford Mustang, all carefully selected by our parts consultants for quality, value and performance.

    Get your Mustang race-ready today! With our ever-expanding inventory of top-quality Ford racing parts, your car will enjoy superior horsepower, great handling, sleek style and true racing pedigree. And best of all, with ultra-fast shipping, your SCP order is on the way to your door as soon as you order it. From the popular 5th generation Mustang to the current model, SCP the parts you need – and want – ready to ship today! Fill up your cart with our Ford racing components and Mustang accessories now!

    If you have any questions about our Ford Racing Performance Parts or would like to speak with our Mustang component consultants, please call SCP at 888-631-1433. We’ve helped transform regular Mustangs into racing Mustangs – and yours is next! Call SCP today!

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