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2010-2015 Camaro Suspension

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2010-2015 5th Generation Camaro Suspension

Suspension Components for the 2010-2015 Camaro

Cut those corners close and always take the inside line with an upgraded Camaro suspension. Southern Car Parts is proud to offer Camaro suspension components from some of the industry's very best manufacturers to help you modify your 5th Gen Camaro to tear up a track with even greater ease. Sway bars, shocks, struts, lowering springs, and other suspension components will work together to really give your Camaro that "on-rails" feel. Please feel free to call us with any questions you might concerning any of these products.

Camaro Performance Suspension

You can make all the horsepower in the world but it's useless if you can't transfer it to the road and maintain control of your 2010-2015 Camaro. The Camaro suspension is an often overlooked component when Camaro enthusiasts start to look at ways to upgrade their vehicle. Bumping up the horsepower does not do any good if you lose the ability to keep your Camaro on the road or if you can't keep the wheels from spinning, and can result in lessened driver confidence and hurt track times. Sway bars, Coilovers, 5th Generation Camaro shocks, and complete suspension packages, are all fantastic ways to make your Camaro handle better and your driving experience more fun.

Camaro Aftermarket Suspension Upgrades

We at Southern Car Parts pride ourselves on our catalog filled with products from the greatest manufacturers working today, and we offer all the suspension upgrades needed to make your Camaro perform like it is "on rails". We are master distributors of PFADT Camaro products, so you can always expect the best prices available from them and all of our other manufacturers. Whether you want Camaro Sway Bars, Camaro Shocks, Camaro Struts, Camaro End Links, Camaro Bushings, or any other Camaro suspension component we can get it for you and will offer it at the best prices anywhere.

Camaro Chassis and Suspension Upgrade

The true mark of a great track car is the way that it handles. Weight, drag, and suspension components all factor into vehicle handling just as much as wheelbase and stance, and upgraded suspension components will help make the vehicle handle greater around turns as well as help the driver shave pounds off of their Camaro's curb weight. A Camaro equipped with upgraded shocks, like the PFADT 5th Generation Camaro Inverted FeatherLight Shocks, or an improved Adjustable Camaro Sway Bar set, will have an advantage over all others on the track. Upgraded suspension components also often times offer greater degrees of suspension adjustability and customization to help the driver ensure their suspensions set-up is perfectly suited and ideal for their track layout and needs.