Brembo GT Brake Upgrade Center

Brembo GT Brake Upgrade Center

Brembo Brakes...#1 in brakes
Brembo is a world leader in the engineering, development and production of high-performance braking systems and components for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. The company operates on 3 continents, with production facilities in 9 countries and sales networks in 70 national territories worldwide. Research never ceases Brembo has always invested in R&D, in its quest to offer a product at the leading edge, guaranteeing safety and performance. Research and Development is the focus for 6% of investments, and the efforts of 400 engineers.

Brembo means top Quality
Brembo brakes are manufactured under ISO 9004 and ISO 14000 standards. Aftermarket products are also covered
by Brembo Warranty and carry AB/TÜV certifi cation from the German Federal Road Safety Office.

Top vehicle makers use Brembo
Brembo produces original equipment braking systems for the top vehicle makers: Aston Martin, Audi, BMW,
Cadillac, Chrysler, Ferrari, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi,
Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Volkswagen, to name a few.

Brembo High Performance
The experience accumulated through years of intensive research in the competition fi eld has allowed us to
create product lines that are differentiated on the basis of the application types and different research and
development procedures adopted. Thanks to the results obtained, car sports enthusiasts who insist on replacing
original brake systems with Brembo High Performance equipment are able to improve their riding style in terms of performance and safety while also ramping


Brembo GT Rotors The Gran Turismo system’s level of technology and performance is unrivaled by any other product on the market. By utilizing larger calipers and discs, thermal capacity and brake torque is increased. This potent combination offers the extreme in Brembo’s leading edge technology for high performance street or track use applications.
• Brembo 2, 4, 6, or 8 piston calipers (depending on applications)
  with sequentially sized pistons; includes color choices of red,black or silver calipers
• Brembo two piece “floating” hat and rotor assemblies reduce
  unsprung and rotating weight and dissipate heat faster
• Brembo drilled or slotted two piece discs up to 16” (405 mm)
• Stainless steel braided brake lines: DOT/TÜV approved
• Brembo high performance brake pads
• Brembo “fl oating” anti-rattle disc hardware
• Brembo billet caliper mounting brackets.
• Most of GT applications comes with TÜV Certifi cation
* Brembo brake systems are fully compatible with ABS and
traction control system.

Brembo GT Brake Upgrade CenterBrembo GT Brake Rotors

- Lightweight Monobloc 1 Piece Aluminum Alloy Body Brembo
  Monobloc Calipers
- Quick Release Pad System
- Sequentially Sized Pistons
- Radial Mount Design

Brembo Monobloc Calipers

What comes with Every Brembo GT Big Brake Kit Upgrade?
Only Brembo packages each of Brembo GT Brakes its components in fitted foam insulation to ensure that each system reaches you in perfect condition. Comprehensive instruction manual included with every Brembo system.

Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Kit

All caliper mounting brackets are precision milled from superiorquality materials. Each Brembo system includes all necessary hardware for installation.

Goodridge is the leading line supplier to OE manufactures and championship race teams worldwide. With the tightest bend radius in the industry and the lowest rate of expansion, you can be assured that every inch of pressure from the pedal is transfered directly to where it counts - the caliper. Goodridge is the only brake hose system approved for use in every country in the world and isguaranteed for life.

brembo gt brakes

Brembo uses several hundred caliper, piston and disc combinations to achieve maximum performance and optimum brake balance. Calipers are designed with Brembo Grand Turismo Brakes differential piston bore sizes for even pad wear and OEM approved dust boots to protect the pressure seals & fluid

Designed by Brembo to minimize noise between the floating disc & aluminum hat. Allows rotors to expand & contract naturally under extreme temperatures to reduce distortion of the hat & rotor assembly.

Brembo GT Brake Upgrade Center

Each Brembo system is delivered with preloaded calipers. Brake pads Brembo GT Brake Kits are selected vehicle specific for high performance.

Brembo Brakes

Incorporates anti-rattle feature to eliminate noise and is designed for quick and easy pad changes.

Both drilled & slotted rotors offer improved initial bite & provide an exit path for water, debris & gases. Some manufacturers offer drilled rotors for performance and an aggressive look. Sllotted rotors are recommended for extreme conditions & specifi cally fitted for vehicles with racing pads.

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Brembo GT Brake Upgrade Center

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