Corvette C6 Z06 Battery Charger Installation

Corvette C6 Z06 CTEK Battery Charger Installation

This is a quick and easy way to install the Ctek Battery Charger in the two rear compartments of your car and have 1/2 inch of the AC power cable right above your license plate. Everything is in the car, all you need to do is plug it in when you want the car to be charged. We do happen to sell the battery charger also.....

Tools Needed

T15 Torx bit

Ctek Corvette Battery Charger


1)      Open your rear hatch and unscrew the 4 holding caps that hold the rear carpet in place.

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2)      There are two plastic push fasteners in the center of the carpet on the receiver for the latch. Just pull straight out and they will pull out.

3)      Once the carpet is pulled back, on the right side (passenger side) of the rear portion of the tub (almost behind the first taillight to the right of your license plate), is a large rubber plug with a single wire running through it. Pop out the plug, leaving the wire in it in place.

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4)      Using the T15 Torx bit, remove the screw on the first taillight to the right of your license plate. Carefully pull the taillight out of the socket, being very careful not to dislodge the clip the torx screw threads into. Let the taillight gently hang on out of your rear bumper, or you can disconnect it at the plug and set it aside. Either one should be fine.

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5)      Next, lift open the left compartment (one without the battery), this is where your Ctek will rest. Take both the AC plug end and the Ctek plug (that will be plugging into the battery) and gently fish the full length of them under back side of the plastic bezel the surrounds the compartment. You are going to need every inch so do not leave much slack in the compartment.

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6)      Run both of the wires along the back of your car, behind the carpet, under the hatch receiver, the Ctek charging lead goes into the battery compartment in the same way the you routed it out of the other compartment (under the plastic surround bezel).

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7)      For the AC power cable, fish it through the hole where the rubber plug was. Using one hand, reach in through the taillight that you removed and grab the plug and run it down through the hole above your license plate. It is a tight fit, but will come through if you angle it correctly. Let it hang out about an inch. The rubber stopper that was in the hole will need to be cut halfway to the center, be careful not to cut the existing wire that is in the middle of it. This splice will allow you you insert the ac power cable and then put the plug back into the hole it was removed from. After you get the plug routed out of the rear of the car, go ahead and make the cut and reinsert the plug with both wires in it.

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8)      Go ahead and connect the negative and positive leads on the battery terminals. You can either remove the existing nuts (will lose power to your car) or run to your local hardware store and buy two nuts to screw right on top of the existing nut so that you will not have to disconnect battery power.

9)      All done, neaten everything up…put the carpet back and you are done. You now a have a nice full self enclosed battery solution. All you need to do is plug in the car. Just do not forget to unplug it before you go on a drive



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