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Corvette C8 Engine Dress Up

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Corvette C8 Engine Dress Up

The Corvette C8 is a masterful example of designing outside the box, representing a conceptual point of departure in Chevy production history. There have been mid-engined GM concept cars before, including versions of the Corvette. However, until C8 production was announced very few automotive industry observers and even fewer insiders ever expected Chevrolet to actually produce an elite mid-engine sports car for the motoring public. Mid-range base pricing for a car with this design envelope is absolutely unheard of.

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In spite of the forward-thinking design and tasty styling choices in the latest Corvette, there is still plenty of room left for customizing and personalization. Southern Car Parts has all the right stuff to beautify your engine compartment and make your own design statement on this matchless performance platform. Because the LT2 power plant is visible beneath the rear window, every customized piece around it immediately rewards you with a beautiful showcase under glass. Our wide selection of engine dress-up components will emphasize the C8 engine bay’s status as adrenaline-flavored eye candy packed into one gorgeous jar.

LT2 Engine Covers

The single biggest visual impact in the C8’s engine compartment is the intake plenum cover. It has the heaviest application of design elements, pronounced dimensional shaping and it’s the largest free-standing piece in the compartment next to the engine itself. Swap the plenum cover out for a differently shaped piece and marvel at how much everything changes. The different engine covers completely transform the relationships between the engine and every other component in the compartment.

We carry a full range of plenum covers in carbon-fiber, painted, stainless steel and composite materials by makers like Nowicki Designs, LG Motorsports, APR Performance and more. One great look is to install our stainless steel plenum overlays onto a carbon-fiber plenum cover for an intense, precision-built effect.

We also have an entire plenum cover made by American Car Craft from stainless steel, cut and perforated with a carbon-fiber center plate added for lightweight and rigidity. This is a hand-built look that’s completely different than anything else in aluminum, plastic or composites. Our painted covers replicate the original plastic plenum covers except they’re stronger, smooth, glossy and painted in original-specification GM colors from DuPont and PPG.

Painted Fuel Rail Covers for C8 Corvette

The fuel delivery rails on either side of the plenum cover offer a myriad of ways to fine-tune the appearance of the LT2 engine. We’ve got precision laser-cut stainless steel options from American Car Craft that will completely transform the entire look of your engine bay. Engine dress-up pieces painted to match or contrast with original equipment paints and colors produce a super-finished, European flavor to the Corvette C8. The Borla Carbon designs for fuel rail covers are some of the most beautiful items we carry at Southern Car Parts.

Corvette C8 Engine Bay Accessories

Take advantage of the engine compartment itself to set off technical details unique to the eighth-generation Corvette. Carbon-fiber coil covers from Nowicki Designs, painted steel and stainless fuse covers, throttle body covers and master cylinder covers are just the beginning. Covers for sensor boxes, surge tanks, brake boosters, alternator and more in carbon, painted and polished stainless combine for a unified monochrome appearance or for futuristic contrast using all three finishes. Personalize yours with both taste and quality using our engine dress up selection and you’ll catch yourself admiring your engine bay late at night when everyone else is asleep.

Southern Car Parts is a place full of gearheads that love high performance and understand why you own a Corvette. Few other sports cars in the world successfully combine raw American V8 brutality with road-hugging European grace in the way the Corvette C8 does. Beyond that, no other car offers styling that begins to approach the complex yet harmonious lines of this dynamic, inspiring mid-engine performance platform. Call Southern Car Parts today for honest, knowledgeable advice and answers to every question you may have.

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