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Corvette C8 Performance Parts

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Corvette C8 Performance Parts

The Corvette C8 gets from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds, continuing to 100 mph within 7.6 seconds and finally topping out at 194 mph. Capable of attaining 0.9 lateral G-force while cornering and able to brake from 60 to zero mph in 110 feet, no other mass-produced American car has ever achieved a performance envelope like this before.

As impressive as these numbers are, you can extend that performance envelope even further with Southern Car Parts. Our friendly, honest performance experts are ready to help you push your Corvette to new levels of performance

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C8 Corvette Drive train Performance

Thanks to a new and even more aerodynamic shape due to the mid-engine layout, adding power will reap even bigger dividends in top-end performance than it has in the past. Every tuning aid and trick component you need is right here. Explore new performance horizons in your Corvette C8 and learn what lies beyond them.

Enhance your launch, cornering and acceleration capabilities by tuning the drivetrain computers with cost-effective Corvette C8 performance parts and tools from Southern Car Parts. The SCT Performance Programmer for your engine control unit delivers amazing results. We’ve also got custom engine covers to improve the view through the back window from the outside.

Handling Performance

We've got suspension tuning parts like composite bushings and other rubber parts. Check out our heavy-duty end links and adjustable rod ends. All precision made for your Corvette C8 with top-shelf quality. Precision-machined mounting parts and fasteners complete the installation with security and unmatched strength.

Don’t overlook the unsprung weight, either. Reducing the weight of the wheels and suspension components will yield a quicker response and a more nimble feel. Southern Car Parts has a wide variety of amazing wheels from LG Motorsports, WCC and Cray pieces by Hawk. WCC’s 946 EXT is one of the deepest wheels you can put on a Corvette. We also carry Z06 wheels and reproductions of famous Corvette wheels from the past.

C8 Corvette Exhaust Performance

Southern Car Parts carries high-flow exhaust systems that will get your C8 breathing like never before. Install larger diameter tubing to really open up the system, widening the powerband and improving the scavenging effect. We carry complete performance exhaust systems from Borla and Magnaflow that not only add some juice, but they also sound great too. Custom filler panels personalize the installation and add a nice finishing touch.

C8 Corvette Braking Performance

Our DBA billet rotors and Hawk ceramic pads will drag that rocket to a stop quicker than a sneeze and twice as sharp. Ceramic pads are lighter for faster response, wear far longer than metal or semi-metallic pads and improve cooling. DBA rotors bring a large braking area, cooler operation and a new level of precision to the show.

Precision braking makes you faster by allowing your Corvette to run deeper into the corners. With driver-assist turned off you can also tap the brakes with two-feet driving techniques to help steer the car when cornering, a particularly effective method with mid-engine rides.

The C8 Corvette is completely unlike anything previously offered by a major American maker. The mid-engine platform and radical styling are unique in themselves, but sub-3 second 0-60 times and near 200 mph top speed are world-class performance figures.

Why not take it to the next level and drive a car that’s out of this world? Call Southern Car Parts and ask our knowledgeable staff how our Corvette C8 performance parts can make an eye- opening difference in the way your car feels, looks and drives.

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