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Corvette C8 Wheels

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Corvette C8 Wheels

The easiest way to change the look of your eighth-generation Stingray without modification is to give it some beautiful jewelry in the form of new wheels from Southern Car Parts. We have such a wide variety in our collection that it's hard to settle on just one set.

Mirror-finished rotating perfection, sinister blackout effect or understated with a machined appearance, we've got the Corvette C8 wheels to fit any look you're trying to achieve. You may need to get a few sets just to make sure you've got the coolest ones. Otherwise, there might simply be no way to know.

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Custom C8 Wheels

To set a serious car apart, custom wheels are a great approach. Lightweight, high-tech precision wheels enhance styling and deliver better handling characteristics. They'll also turn your Corvette C8 into an unusually rare and satisfying flavor of eye candy.

Lucky bystanders will get a sight to remember when they see that wicked Stingray glide by in person. Cray’s Hawk wheels are a legendary handling improvement with a high-impact visual effect that’s been gracing Corvettes for decades. Southern Car Parts carries LG Motorsports, WWC and more. We also feature MMR wheels, a regular sight on exotic sports cars the world over. Put some of these on your Stingray and watch seductive curves transform into arch villainy.

Reproduction Corvette Wheels

For a more traditional approach, we’ve got Z06 wheels from Factory Reproductions. Black- finished Z06 wheels produce an intimidating stealth effect, putting the exclamation point on this particular supercar performance statement. If your preference runs more to the stunning visual dazzle of chrome and paint, pick up some Z06 polished wheels to give off that complex wire- spoke sports car flash. Your audience will thank you.

We've also got Z51 wheels in black. For tactical sprints to the market or the occasional night rider, this one says “all business.” Warning: Combining this wheel with the exotic lines of the Corvette C8 may discourage would-be competitors and it could get lonely at the top.

For something with an awesome design touch, check out the Factory Reproductions Z51 black wheels with a machined face. Less rock star than the polished ones, more civilized than the black ones, these awesome wheels strike just the right balance between casual and formal. The wheels from Factory Reproductions feature factory fit, require no modification and accept connections for the factory’s Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors.

Corvette C8 Wheel Accessories

Wheels are one of those places on the car where details really matter. We’ve got you covered there. Metal valve stems and logo center caps with the crossed flags emblem offer the perfect designer touch. Custom lugs and wheel locks top off your Corvette C8 wheels with a pleasantly ornate yet subtle finish.

To keep those wheels looking their best, pick up a set of brushes to keep them clean. We’ve got an incredible wheel brush to detail the rims and a smaller brush to make sure the lugs and openings get the attention they deserve. The lug nut brushes are specially designed for cleaning recessed lugs so that no lovely surface finish goes untouched.

Come to Southern Car Parts for honest, knowledgeable and expert advice on your Corvette C8 wheels. We understand that what makes a Corvette different is a lot more than a particular body shape or what material it’s built from. There’s a reason this car has only been made in one particular factory in the Kentucky heartland. It’s because this car is unique among cars.

The Corvette represents the 65-year pursuit of a distinctly American dream. This is perhaps the best combination of old-fashioned muscle and modern-age sports technology on the planet. Bring your Corvette questions to Southern Car Parts and get not just the parts, but also the answers your ride really needs.

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