Corvette C6 Z06 Exhaust Sound Comparison

Corvette C6 Z06 Exhaust Sound Comparison

One of the hardest things about choosing an exhaust system is knowing what it is going to sound like on your car. Yeah, all the major manufacturers have sound clips on their websites but they are all encoded and recorded differently for each manufacturer. The differences with the way the sound clips are produced can make a huge difference in what the sound is like when comparing one to another.

What I am attempting to do with the page is help with the Corvette Exhaust purchasing decision. Although on computer speakers and a Sony Camcorder it is still impossible to capture the exact sound the exhaust makes, I can remove the variables that change from one recording to another. So with that said, I am using the same car, same engine temp, same camcorder, and same recording criteria for each sound clip recording. Yes, one system at a time, I am installing them on my car (06 Corvette C6 Z06) making a recording outside the car and in the car, and then removing the system. I have completed this with both the Corsa and Borla systems and just finished the B&B Fusion system. Hopefully some of these recordings will help Corvette owners in choosing which systems works best for them, I will also post my personal comments and observations about each system (for whatever it's worth).

Here is our baseline, stock exhaust sound clip...Everything stock, nothing changed.


So up first is the Corsa Corvette C6 Z06 Exhaust System, part number 14164.The Corsa system is beautiful to look at and I really love the Corsa Etching on the tips. The installation is pretty straightforward and comes with excellent directions. The sound on this system is very interesting. At idle, is has a throaty sound that is best heard at the rear of the car. Something about the way Corsa designed the system, it is not very noticeable in the cockpit at all. One might almost think the Corvette Z06 is stock until you get out of the car and hear it. The sound is rich and pleasing to the ear. During acceleration, awesome sound....Very race car sounding and really makes you feel like you are going faster. The Corsa system definitely adds another level of sensory stimulation to your driving experience. Another important point to note, Corsa's marketing is accurate regarding the zero drone! I drove at a variety of speeds and RPM's and could not get any unpleasing drone in the cockpit. This is the perfect system for anyone that wants to give their Corvette Z06 a more aggressive sound without shaking the neighbors house and having you significant other complain about the drone on long road trips.

Next is the Corvette C6 Z06 Borla Exhaust System, part number 140191. The Borla system is known as having a very nice sound, but also as being very loud. I had the Borla Stinger Exhaust on my Corvette C5 Z06 and really loved it. Although there was significant drone at crusing speeds, the Corvette C5 Z06 partition really helped reduce it and the sound was simply unbeatable. Ok, so I installed the Borla System on my Corvette C6 Z06 and just like the Corsa system, installation was straight forward with excellent directions. For the Borla system, I also installed the Borla X pipe (does not make a difference in exhaust note). i must say, that the sound on the Corvette C6 Z06 is just (of not better) than I remember in the Corvette C5 Z06, simply amazing. Very throaty....Sounds like a true muscle car. Exhaust note is a bit louder than the Corsa. At cruising speeds you do get a bit of a drone at the 3k RPM mark. 2k and below and I did not notice any drone at all. I gave it the wife test and she liked the Corsa system better. I like the aggressive sound of the Borla but would be happy with the Corsa. I only drive my Vette for pleasure, so the drone does not bother me. If I was driving across the country, I might opt for the Corsa (nah....I would grin and bear the drone of the Borla, although my wife would not have any part of it :))


Last up is the B&B Corvette Z06 Fusion System. Of all three systems, the Fusion is easiest to install. The muffler cans and over the axle pipes are all one piece so you do not have to try and tighten a clamp that is hidden up over the axle. The fusion system finish is also a brighter, more polished finish on the cans, tips, and the over the axle pipes. The B&B is unique, compared to the Borla and the Corsa as it keep the functionality of the multi mode exhuast in tact. I have to say, (in my opinion) the B&B gives you the best of both worlds. It has an aggressive sound with the exhaust baffles closed (which is perfect for cruising down the highway), but then with the baffles open, it really sounds agressive and gets your blood pumping. Of the three systems, the B&B Z06 Fusion system is the one I am leaving on my car. Something else to mention, is that B&B also sells a Corvette C6 Fusion Retro Exhaust System that allows Corvettes without the NPP option, to add it aftermarket. The system comes with everything you need to give your Corvette C6 multimode exhaust even though it did not come with it from the factory. Note when listening to the video, you can hear the baffles open and close (using the Corvette mild to wild switch)