Corvette C6 HID Foglights Mod/DIY

Corvette C6 HID Foglights Mod/DIY


To replace the 42W Halogens, Use the Southern Car Parts H10 6000K 55W HID kit for the car.
This kit can be bought for ~175....


This is NOT an OEM swap. If you want 100% reliability this is not a mod for you.
You may have heat issues, some transformers may heat up more than others.

This is a VERY easy mod, and the results are awesome.

Start with a clean car:

I turned the FLASH OFF so you can see what it looks like STOCK:

corvette hid installation

Prop up the car on jackstands, and take the front wheels off. Dont forget to loosen the lug nuts before you jack the car up, it makes things easier. Check out the brake cooling duct.

corvette hid installation2

We need to take off this panel to access the fog lights. Taking the wheel off sure makes things MUCH easier! Use two screwdrivers to pop up the CENTER plastic piece and then pull out the whole assembly. Pushing the center in locks the plug in place, so dont try to pry it out without the center popped up!
This may be common knowledge but I'm still new so bear with me.

corvette information

There we go, we can finally get the real work started.

The wiring is REALLY simple.
* Unplug your stock headlamps.
* Twist it counterclockwise and pull it out slowly.
* Insert the HID bulb - Take care not to touch the bulb. If you think the bulbs are dirty,
clean the bulbs GENTLY with an alcohol pad/solution.
* Bulb orientation DOES MATTER in this case. Take a minute to study the 3 prong pattern and match it.
With Apexcone, the shielded wire goes on the bottom when properly installed.
(These instructions may only apply to Apexcone units)
* Plug the bare blades plug into the car's connector (Blue to Purple)
* Use electrical tape to secure the connection.
* Plug in female end into the transformer.
* Plug in the unique ends of the bulb connector to the bulbs.

corvette information and modifications

THATS IT! This is what mine looked like after I was done:

corvette parts and modifications

Just look at the difference between the left (HID) and right (Stock). There is no comparison,
I turned the flash off to get a true comparison.



corvette modifications

Now just adjust and enjoy your new brighter HID lights....