Corvette Information for the C6

 Information compiled by Dr. Matthew Rings

Last Update occurred on 30 MAY 2007
(MODS: Flowmaster Quad Tip Exhaust Kit)

Corvette Commandments


2008 C6 Specs:
2008 Ordering Guide:
Equipment Groups:


Independent Reviews:
Corvette Action Center (12 page review!):
MSN auto review 10 of 10! : =Edit3
Various authors:
Consumer Guide:

A6 paddle shifter for 2006+
Onstar FAQ:
Speed sensitive wipers:
Functional brake ducts:
Traction control:
Power assist trunk close:
Window indexing:
Selective ride control:
Customizable DIC display:
Custom interior:
NAV writeup:
C6 vs. Z06 differentials

Picture Gallery coupes and convertibles, all colors:
Picture gallery and wallpapers:
Undercarriage photos:

Some links may be dead...or pictures missing...
2008 Color chips
More colors:
Atomic Orange:
Atomic Orange vs. Daytona Sunset:
Monterey Red:
Victory Red vs. Torch Red
Velocity Yellow vs. Millenium Yellow:
Red comparisons:
Victory Red:
White (scroll down):
DSOM (Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic):
Lemans Blue:

Paint Pricing:

Ordering guide:

Search for your car in stock:

Owner's Manual

NAV Manual: 53
Voice Commands:

Service Manual:

Order status/TPW:
Event Codes:
Event codes II:
Event code timeline: 23

Changing your order:
Getting a sequence #:
Event Codes:

Courtesy Delivery/Drop ship:
Allied shippers:

Museum delivery:
Museum Web Cams:

GM "Welcome to Corvette" phone call:

"MyGMLink" login page:

GM Tech articles:

Dealer Prep:
Interior plastic and stickers: 01

Breaking in motor:

Seating the brakes: ng+brakes

Recalls/ Service Bulletins
Recall lists:
Roof delamination links:
Service Charging system warning:
Rear end chatter when cold:
Power steering hose:
Roof delamination:
Dash "hoot" "groan" from under dash:
Blocked first gear shift
A/C blowing hot preliminatry information bulletin:
Brake Squeal bulletin and fix:
Crank Pulley issue VIN numbers:
Fuel Sending Unit:
Crank pulley bolt TSB & info:
Crank pulley complaints: 69
6-speed snap ring recall:
VINs in snap ring range:
Brake line safety recall:

Known issues (not experienced by all):
Airbag light illuminated intermittently:
Delamination top update for C6 and Z06:
Convertible Wind noise top up:
Dead Battery Issue: 08
Dead batteries:
CV boot leaks:
Rear Axle seal failures:
Brake line failures:
Squeaks and rattles:
Trunk button sticking & repair link:
A/C blows hot air:
A/C fix:
Fuel Sending Unit / Fuel warning on DIC:
Fuel pump connector failure:
Convertible power top:
Cracking Z51 rotors:
Overfilling fuel tank gives Engine Light:
Cold Weather window indexing:
CD Changer bug:
Dead batteries - bad relay:
Dead batteries and manual tranny:
Intermittant electrical problems
Front License bracket:
Brake squeal after washing:
Aftermarket bracket:
Incorrect Air Filter # in manual:
Loose crank pulley:
Water in rear view mirrors:
F55 suspension inoperable:
Manual tranny chattering:
NAV locking up:
Intermittent rear hatch open:
Brake squealing:
Difficulty programming HOMELINK:
Window indexing prob:
Tire pressure discrepancy:
Orange peel:
Loose plug wire:
Poor rear viz:
Wavy rear glass:
Squeaky roof:
Carpet fit’n’finish:
Locking seat belt:
Military time in radio:
Air Bag stickers:
Ticking sound
MISC problem list:
Door gaps and adjustments: 68
Z51 directional rotors mounted on wrong side:
Hood Emblem Peeling:
Clicking noises while driving, troubleshooting tips:
Broken door button
Passenger door rattle: 11

Radios / Electronics:
Adjusting DIC chime volume
AVIC-Z1 install thread
Another Pioneer AVIC install:
New Speaker Mounts
Neucleus iPod warning
Radio FAQ thread:
Kenwood DDX 6019 NAV/DVD/Stereo:
FM Static & MP3 fix/upgrade:
Car PC computers
Center speaker grill removal:
NAV update DVD fixed MP3 and FM static:
"Clean Sweep" OEM aftermarket adapter:
How to connect amp/SW to NAV:
AVN 5435 install DIY:
Add AUX to NAV... DIY! :
Pioneer AVIC-D1 NAV / DVD / IPOD unit:
XM MP3 aux install on NAV unit -- DIY:
Console, door panel, dash removal DIY:
iPod / AUX adapter: 49
Car Personal Computer:
AUX input mod:
Stereo install pics: t1550149430
DVD NAV aftermarket install:
No sound from radio
Dead stereo:
Left channel cuts out when touching DIC buttons:
1SA radio and interface cables for aftermarket radios:
1SB stereo upgrade discussion:
Speaker replacement:
iPod connection to radio: 5&Itemid=79
MP3 hard drive changers: 5&Itemid=68
Making MP3s:
Speaker access:
CD FF/REV inoperative:
BOSE not sounding good: 98
BOSE sounding great!
BOSE problems:
Bose systems: not much for the money? (Home system review)
Poor radio reception:
No radio sound:
Radio Speaker distortion:

A6 paddle shift tips & quirks:
Accessory Electrical access:
DRL off:
Disabling traction control for the track:

1SX seats:

NAV: likes and dislikes:
To NAV or not?
Hacking the NAV....
Aftermarket NAV: [/b]
DVD NAV aftermarket install:

Keyless Entry operation: (Note: broken links below)
Access FAQ:
Passive mode use:
How to lock it in the car:
Regular “key” use:
Opening the doors from the inside:

Detailing the paint finish:

DIY computer removal pictorial
DIY Tranny and rear axle oil change
OBD II connector location
Transaxle service thread, fluids, etc.
Maintenance guides/trouble codes t1553040854
Water Wetter (decr coolant temps):
Z51 manual tranny fluid replacement tip:
C6 wheel alignment specs:
Oil Filter warning / discussion:
Four Point jacking safely:
Crossbeam Jack adapter
Jacking points:
Alignment data:
DIY oil change:
Battery chargers:
Tire Life:
Brake Fluid upgrade:
Speed Bleeders:
Oil capacity issue:
Oil filter rec’d:
2007+ Oil Filter LS2 & Z06 is PF48:[/url]
More oil filter discussion:
Oil plug wrench and magnetic plug:
Royal Purple Syncromax upgrade:
Tie Down:
Service Bulletins:

Torque specs from David Farmer:
have done these for the C6, F-body, now the C6. I print on two sides, then laminate and keep in my shop/tool box.

C6 Vette Torque Specs
for Automatic trans
for manual trans

here are the other favorites from my tool chest: C5 fuse layout-not year specific All engine/suspension/brake/drivetrain torque specs my diy alignment guide F-body torque sheet

and lastly, DTC (trouble codes) for C5's

Washing and paint maintenance:
Paint code location:
Zaino car protectant/polish:
Engine Detailing:
Clear paint protectant spray:

Octane Requirements and gasoline:

Pipedreams' DIY mods:
DIY grill / radiator protector;
Gravel in Fender prevention mod
Engine Dress Ideas:
Underhood custom light mod:
Blue interior LED dome/map light mod:
Exhaust tip polishing DIY:
Hood Liner Painting DIY :
DIY side vent screens:
Trunk button sticking & repair link:
Z51 Rod End Grease DYI:
DIY Shifter Boot:
How to remove fender pins:

Tail light and side light removal DIY:
EASY CAGS disable... pull #10 fuse!
Wide Body/Z06 body
Cam Swap:
Replacement top adjustment
Z06 "Exhaust on Demand" mod
Flowmaster muffler kit 17416:
Flowmaster muffler kit with quad tips: 17427: s_id=4080
Alternator Cover: [
Rear Partition install:
Hear all different exhaust systems;
Priority Start install (for preventing dead batteries):
Steering wheel swap 2006 wheel --> 2005 C6:
Door and mirror removal DIY:
Flowmaster "drone" reduction: t1554702320
Vararam air intake DIY:
Clear paint protectant spray:
Pipe's Splash Guards:
DIY Cold Air box mod:
LS2 Computer Editing via Predator:
Shifter Boot replacement mod
LS2 Tuning notes:
Underhood custom light mod:
Blue interior LED dome/map light mod:
Blinking rear CHMSL mod:
Transmission strengthening strut:
Various mods rated 1 to 10:
Remote Window mod
Another remote window product
Chrome grill mod:
Disc rotor phosphate coating, rust removal mod: ch=1
GM vent screen install:
DIY side vent screens:
Clutch pedal spring removal mod:
Clutch pedal spring removal WARNING:
Z51 Sway bar install DIY tips:
Lambo doors:
Exhaust tip polishing DIY:
Door Handle removal mod DIY:
Thermostat 160 degree DIY:
Brake Light flasher DIY (CHMSL Mod)
Hood light on/off switch DIY:
Lambo door kit:
ECM re-programming chip:
"Mud Flap" Rock Guards DIY:
Hood Liner Painting DIY :
Add AUX to NAV... DIY! :
$350 exhaust upgrade with GM mufflers #14335 or #14336:
Magnaflow exhaust pics & video
Magnaflow exhaust discussion threads:
Painted door handles:
Hurst Shifter install DIY w/ pics:
DIY Painted fuel rails:
Painted fuel rail covers:
Lowering the C6:
Clear Bras and paint cuts:
Ceramic pads and part #'s:
Hurst Shifter Install:
Hood Liner paintjob:
Z51 Sway bar install:
Black floor mats with cashmere interiors: