Corvette C5 Intake Installation

Corvette C5 Intake System Installation

Halltech C5 Venom Installation Instructions (2001-2004 C5's)


Tools Needed

1)      Flat Head Screw Driver

2)      Hairdryer

3)      Freezer

4)    Corvette Halltech Venom Intake System


Please note there are two different style C5 Venom Air Bridges that may come with your intake. Do not be alarmed if yours does look like the one in the pictures. You should have one of the two styles shown in the installation directions or look like the one below.  There is not any performance difference between either style.

corvette intake


1) Completely remove your stock airbox assembly. Remove the gray security clip from the MAF connector with a small screwdriver. You must press down on the small, raised part of the clip before pulling it off the connector.

corvette parts


Remove the connector by pressing down on its center and then pulling it off. Tape the connector to the radiator shroud so that it is up and out of the way. Remove the 90 degree elbow (AIR hose) and hose from your existing OEM intake. Leave the 90 degree elbow on the hose for now (not shown correctly in picture, picture shows hose disconnected from elbow to aid in illustration).

corvette accessories


2) Loosen the 8mm hose clamp that holds the accordion bellows to the throttle body. Pop-off the air bridge retainer from the rubber grommets at each side of the OEM airbridge. See below

corvette intake installation


3) Remove the air filter and its frame from the airbox. This will allow you to see the grommets that are keeping the airbox attached to the front part of the car.

corvette cold air intake


4) Now that you can see the attachment points, reach down near one of the grommets and pull the front of the airbox toward the engine. Watch the retaining pin slip through the grommet. Now repeat for the other side’s grommet. Pull the accordion bellows away from the throttle body and remove the OEM airbox and bridge assembly. You’re halfway there!

Below is a picture of the entire stock airbox assembly removed from the car.

corvette intake systems installation



5) Remove the airbox hose end and the airbridge end from the MAF sensor by first loosening the band clamps and then twisting and pulling. The airbox end will slip out rather easily, but the airbridge end may take a bit of muscle to disconnect.

corvette intake system


corvette halltech venom

6) Take the stock MAF and place it in the freezer. Grab your new Halltech airbridge and a hairdryer. Using the hairdryer, warm the MAF end of the airbridge (end that does not have the rubber coupling on it). See below

halltech intake system

7) After a minute of warming, pull the MAF out of the freezer and attach the rubber coupling that came with the Halltech to the back side of the MAF (notice the airflow direction arrow on the MAF) The rubber coupling goes on the side that the arrow points too. Also make sure you line up the notch on the rubber coupling to the notch on the MAF. Lay it on a countertop or flat surface, rubber coupling down and front of the MAF facing up. (see below)

corvette cold air intake


8) Take the warmed airbridge and slide it over the MAF, pressing down firmly until it is seated in place. You might need to warm the plastic some more with the hairdryer. The finished product should look like below.

corvette performance parts



Now to install in the car. Place your new filter (plastic removed) into the engine bay where the old filter assembly was.

corvette c6 killer bee intake


9) Grab the entire airbrdge assembly and connect the MAF end to your intake manifold.


corvette c5 cold air intake system



10) Using the band clamps, tighten the rubber coupling to the intake manifold.

11) Next, go to the front of the car and reaching in from under the hood, slide the filter into the other end of the airbidge and tighten the airbridge and filter together until they are snug.

corvette halltech venom


12) Disconnect the clip that holds the MAF cable to the shroud, can be a little tricky as it has a little latch on it.


You should now be able to get some slack in the MAF plug and be able to plug it back into the MAF, do not forget to put the little grey locking piece back into the plug.

corvette accessories


13) Last but not least, *****Updated 1/31/08**** There is now two versions of the Venom in the marketplace. Please pull out your air filter from the box and check on the bottom of the filter for a small hole. If you have the hole on the bottom of your filter skip this section and jump all the way to step 13A, if not continue on to step 13 skipping steps 13a and b..

13) Next remove the plastic elbow from the A.I.R hose (one you left on in step 1). You can set it aside as you will not need it anymore. Reusing  the clamp that was on the hose. Insert the small filter that came with your Halltech into the A.I.R. hose and clamp into place. You can just lay the hose with the filter down by the Halltech filter.

corvette c5 venom intake

corvette c6 z06


13A) Only use step (13a and b) if you have a hole in the bottom of your air filter. Skip this step if you intake filter does not have a small hole in the bottom of the filter and came with a small air filter and one large one.


13B) Insert the elbow of your AIR hose (the one you left on in step one) into the bottom of your filter so that it looks like below.


14) That is it, clean up and enjoy the power of your new Halltech Intake.



Finished product