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Corvette C6 Interior

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C6 Corvette Interior Parts, Accessories & Mods

If you think it’s that time to spruce up your C6 Corvette interior parts, then you have come to the right place. Southern Car Parts has a beautiful line of C6 Corvette interior accessories that can turn your stock interior into a custom Corvette.

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Whether you are looking to go flashy or add a little detail, you’ll be able to find it in our inventory. From letting and badges to seat rebuild kits and cup holders, our C6 Corvette interior accessories can be both detailed oriented and convenient. Two of our more popular parts for big time detail is our logo specific door sills and door guards. These will protect your Corvette from foot traffic, and will also be the first things your passengers see as they get in and out. Logo specific leather arm rest pads are another great set of parts to upgrade. Your stock ones have probably already received a lot of wear and tear and could be faded or even ripped by now. These aftermarket armrest are cost efficient and of course, will add a personal touch to your interior.

Refresh Your Interior with Our C6 Corvette Interior Parts

If you feel the need to really give your interior a makeover, we sell a complete stainless steel custom painted dash kit. These C6 Corvette interior mods come as a nine-piece kit that won’t only add style to your whole dashboard but are also very durable in comparison to plastic. We also carry aftermarket leather center console lids, shifter and emergency brake boots. If you’re into more of the racing look, we offer aluminum racing pedal sets, racing style steering wheels and more. If you ever thought about making a change to your interior, we probably have a type of aftermarket C6 Corvette interior parts to replace it in the style you need.

We also know that upgrading is not always about styling, but also about protection. We can offer you both with our many different styles of C6 Corvette seat covers and floor mats. These upgrades are a great idea for anyone who drives their sports car more than just a few times a year. We also understand that you drive a Corvette, so just any old cover or mat is not going to do. We have plenty of the highest quality embodied Lloyd floor mats to choose from along with C6 Corvette seat covers that are designed specifically for Corvettes.

So if you think that it’s time to give your Corvette interior a makeover, then it’s time to browse our inventory. We have pages filled with the best brands and prices on the web. All of our C6 Corvette interior accessories are built to last and are designed to give your interior a vibe that you and your passengers can feel comfortable in and enjoy for years to come.

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