Corvette C7 Maintenance

Corvette C7 Maintenance

2014-2018 C7 Corvette Battery Tenders and Chargers

Southern Car Parts is a leading online store and we deal in aftermarket products-all the things you need to maintain your Corvette. From battery tenders, chargers, jacking pads to service manuals, we have everything to keep your C7 Corvette performing well on the roads for years to follow. We proudly flaunt our huge collection of modifiers, replacement parts, and add-on accessories for Corvettes, Raptors, Mustangs and many more cars. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and strive to provide our customers with high-quality products and services that are priced in an affordable manner to fit in all budgets. We make sure that with a low price tag, our goods don’t lack behind in terms of quality. So you can absolutely rely upon us for all 2014+ Corvette items.

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  • "WOW" That's It Vinyl, Plastic, and Rubber Dressing 16oz

    "WOW" That's It Vinyl, Plastic, and Rubber Dressing 16oz

    Most of the vinyl rubber and plastic dressings leave a greasy residue that either washes right off or ends up making a mess the sides of your car. "WOW" That's It Vinyl, Plastic, and Rubber Dressing 16oz gives you the shine and protection that you demand for your car but without the greasy mess. Who hasn't applied tire dressing to your car taken for a drive get out and close door look back at your car to admire the shine and notice that there is now a greasy substance all over the sides of your car sides? I know I have it has driven me nuts because now I have to go back and wash my car again. Those problems are now a thing the past with this new dressing from "WOW" that's it. This dressing will stay where you apply it and not fly off of your tires as you drive down the street. This product is also long-lasting. This plastic rubber and vinyl dressing will last through multiple carwashes so you do not need to play it every time your car. This dressing is also provides UV protection so that the plastic rubber and vinyl parts of your car will look great for years and not be damaged by the sun. This dressing works grade not just on the exterior of your car but also on the interior you can use it to clean door panels, dash, center console, and other plastic rubber parts inside of your car. Is also a great way to add some gloss to the underhood of your car by wiping down your vacuum lines and plastic under hood parts is a great way to give your car the show winning shine. Another amazing feature of this product is that it can be applied in temperatures up to 125°! So you will not have to stand around waiting for your car a cool off before you add that last bit of detail work when you get to a car show. If you're looking for a dressing that is easy to apply last long time gives you nongreasy shine this the dressing you're looking for. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }
  • "WOW" That's It Detail Spray 16oz

    "WOW" That's It Detail Spray 16oz

    There are dozens of detailing sprays on the market today but if you're looking for the one that is better than the rest of no further than this "WOW" That's It Detail Spray 16oz. over the years we have used dozens of different kinds of details sprays here at our shop and at car shows but none of them works better than this new detail spray. One of the biggest features that sets it apart from the competition is the wide temperature range you are able to use it in. This stuff work between 33° and 125°! So now the matter where you live you can quickly and easily detail your car without having to worry about the product drawing up on the car leaving marks before you get it wiped off. And because it's product works well at higher temperatures it is perfect for bringing along to car shows and spring to your car when you get to show even when your car is hot for the drive there you will be no problem applying this product to give your car a show winning shine. Another feature of this product that we really like is that you can use it anywhere on your car. This is a great job cleaning your windows, you were underhood accessories and even interior of your car. Anything that needs to be cleaned and have a nice shine added this is our go-to product. This amazing detail spray is made here in the United States of America and we are certain that it will quickly become your new favorite spray on detailer. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }
  • "WOW" That's It Liquid Spray Wax and Sealant 16 oz

    "WOW" That's It Liquid Spray Wax and Sealant 16 oz

    There are many different spray wax manufacturers out there in the all claim that theirs is the best. We have tried them all we have found that "WOW" That's It Liquid Spray Wax and Sealant is our hands-down favorite. Waxing your car can be a chore everyone is always looking for a way to save some time while doing this needed maintenance to their cars finish. This "WOW" That's It Liquid Spray Wax and Sealant is made with Carnauba Wax #1 and essential oils for a quick and easy application.Most spray waxes out on the market are really just glorified detailing sprays. When you use them they spray out they look and run just like water off your car. But this liquid spray wax and sealant is a true liquid spray wax. It will allow you to quickly and easily apply a high-quality coat of wax to your car that will provide a deep and long-lasting shine. You can also use this product any time you wash your car to maintain that great-looking shine. This spray wax gives you all the protection of a traditional paste wax with the ease of a spray on wax. This wax will dry quickly and leave no streaks just an outstanding gloss. Another feature that this spray wax has said no one else has is the ability to be applied at high temperatures. You can spray this on in temperatures up to 125°! So you no longer need to wait for a cloudy day to wax your car or wait for your car to cool off after driving it to apply a great-looking shine. Keeping your car looking its best can sometimes be a difficult task but with this liquid spray wax and sealant from "WOW" that's it your job just got a little bit easier. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }
  • "WOW" That's It GONE Multi-Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner 16oz

    "WOW" That's It GONE Multi-Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner 16oz

    If you start to cringe when you drive your car down the road and discover that they have just put tar or asphalt patch down to fix the road because you know it's going to take you hours to clean the tar off your car we have a multipurpose degreaser cleaner that will make your job a lot easier."WOW" That's It GONE Multi-Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner. This product is one of the best degreaser and cleaners on the market today. These powerful cleaning agents can quickly and easily remove tar your car without doing any damage to your paint. This product is more this clean tar off of your cars. It also does a great job of removing brake dust from your wheels and brake calipers. As well as cleaning off any dead bugs off the front of your car. Don't think that this product will only clean the exterior of your car it does a great job cleaning your interior as well. This product will you can easily with any dirt and scuff marks on the interior of your car and can also be used under the hood to keep your engine looking its best. One of the best features of this product is how well it works at high temperatures. Like the other products in the "WOW" that's it product line, this can be applied in temperatures up to 125°! This allows you to quickly and easily clean your car off when you get to a car show or to maintain your car anywhere you go without having to look for a shaded spot to clean your car. This product is a simple spray on and wipe off for most problems if what you're trying to remove does not want to come off it this way just spray some on and let it soak in and that will usually take care of it. This great product is made here in the USA and is sure to become your new favorite degreaser and cleaner. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }
  • "WOW" That's It Total Detail Set

    "WOW" That's It Total Detail Set

    If you are looking for the best cleaner and detailers for your automotive pride and joy look no further than our line of "WOW" That's It automotive products. We have made this kit that includes all of our "WOW" that's it detail products plus added a wheel brush and a lug nut cleaner so it is now easier to give your car a show winning shine at home or at a show. The Detail Spray This detail spray is perfect for keeping your car looking its best between carwashes and is a great way to give your car some extra shine when you arrive at a car show. The Liquid Spray Wax and Sealant This product gives you the high quality shine the paste wax but without the effort. The Vinyl and Rubber Dressing is designed to quickly and easily to give your plastic, vinyl, and rubber a great shine but it is also nongreasy and will not sling off of tires and cover the sides of your car. The Gone Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser This product can be used anywhere in or on your car. It does a great job of cleaning and decreasing your engine compartment, removing any sort of dirt or marks from the interior of your car as well. The WOW That's It product line can be applied in temperatures up to 125°! This will allow you to quickly and easily remove anything that has happened to your car on the way to a car show to make sure it looks its best at all times.
  • C7 Corvette Lock In Leave In Jacking Pads Pucks

    2014-2019 C7 Corvette Lock In Leave In Jacking Pads Pucks

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    Made exclusively for the C7 Corvette Stingray! The ultimate jacking solution for your C7 Corvette Stingray. Brand new, leave in place jacking pucks. Our Corvette jacking pucks are low profile and will last as long as you own your car. They "pop" right into your jackhole and you can then leave them in place without ever needing to remove them. The easily snap into place and will be there if you ever need to jack up your car. They are not noticeable under the car and look like a factory OEM piece (not sure why GM did not include them in the first place). They can also be popped right back out if you ever need to remove them. Made from durable plastic, they will last the life of your car and you can rest assured you will never be stuck in a situation where you need to jack up the car and do not have jacking pucks. When it comes to properly lifting your Corvette C7, you do have a few options on what jack inserts or jack pucks you choose. We preferred the lock in style as you simply click them in place and drive off down the road. Once installed you never have to look at them or think about them again. These offer very inexpensive insurance for your C7 Corvette, you never have to cringe as you hope you have your jack lined up properly. These will also protect your car when you take it in for service at your dealer and they put it up on one of their lifts. These jacking pucks are made of a super strong plastic and can support the weight of your car without breaking. These leave-in jack pucks fit all C7 Corvette, including stingray, Z06 and Grand Sport.   APPLICATIONS: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 C7 CORVETTE, INCLUDING STINGRAY, Z06 AND GRAND SPORT
  • 2014-2019 C7 Corvette Billet Jacking Pads Pucks Set

    2014-2019 C7 Corvette Billet Jacking Pads Pucks Set

    If you don't think you need these billet Jack pucks for your C7 Corvette you might want to ask other C7 Corvette owners their experience while lifting their Corvettes. If you don't position your jack just right or your car lift just right you really risk the potential to allow the Jack contact with the lower rocker area on your Corvette, this will ruin your day and your wallet. The fact the lower rockers on the C7 Corvette are made of fiberglass means a simply will not hold up with the weight of your car bearing down on them. Pick up a set of these billet pucks and you won't have to worry about this problem. We sell these as a set of four which is suitable for single jack and also suitable for any automatic car lift.   Every Corvette owner should have a set of these C7 Corvette Stingray Billet Jacking pads/pucks in their trunk or in their garage. Billet Aluminum Jacking Pads are perfect for the home mechanic or any Corvette service center. This is the cheapest insurance you can buy for your car. The C7 Corvette Stingray Jacking Pad will prevent any possible body damage related to lifting the 2014-2019 C7 Corvette Stingray. Whether you're using a floor jack or a hoist, this is the protection your car deserves.   If you don't like the thought of having to install and remove these Jack pads each time you lift your Corvette also make a lock in style pad that will lock into your frame stay in place at all times. So you never have to remove them. If this sounds more like something you might be interested in we have those available right here.       APPLICATION: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 C7 Corvette, including base, Z51, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1
  • CTEK Battery Charger 3300

    CTEK Battery Charger 3300

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      Ok car nuts, we are coming into winter and most of us will have our baby in the Garage more than we will on the street. Do yourself a favor and check out the cool little battery charger from Ctek. I have been using it for the last couple years, and it is hands down the coolest battery charger I have ever seen. Small, efficient and smart. Just hook it up and go..It takes care of your Car or Trucks battery all winter long. The CTEK Multi US 3300 (CTEK 3300) is a “smart” charger that can handle many vehicles including: motorcycles, cars, lawnmowers, quads, jet skis, snowmobiles, scooters, and farm tractors. Don't let your battery drain out all winter long. Get a smart charger that constantly monitors your batteries charged and keeps it at optimum charge throughout the winter months. This is most likely the smallest Car/Truck Batter charger on the market and has gotten rave reviews from Dream Car Garage. The CTEK Multi US 3300 is a strong multi-tasker that can handle but the largest vehicles. Particularly well-suited for Corvette (all models) use, the Multi US 3300 offers outstanding recharging performance- the car is back on the road typically in under an hour. A unique cold temperature mode enable faster recharging, even in the coldest winter conditions. The CTEK Multi US 3300 is specifically endorsed for Optima Red Top Batteries (and all other batteries). The smartest battery charger in the world uses a four step charge process: Desulfication, Bulk Charge, Absorption and Pulse. This charger is virtually the only charger needed to keep 12V lead-acid batteries charged up and ready for anything. Compact, lightweight and portable, CTEK also protects users against sparks, short circuits and reverse polarity. Features of the CTEK Charge include Switch-Mode technology Simply put, our chargers quite technically advanced and incorporate state of the art electronics to produce an extremely energy efficient and powerful lead acid battery charger and maintainer.  A result of the new multi-patented technology break-throughs is apparent in the design of CTEK chargers.  They are small, compact, easily transported and stored, shock resistant and quite powerful. In terms of size and portability, they have shattered the perceptions previously associated with battery chargers incorporating traditional transformer- type designs.  Reverse polarity protection Accidentally switching the positive/negative  battery charger leads to the incorrect battery terminal posts  will result in a red LED signal on our charger indicating they not properly attached. Line Surge Suppression.  Erratic voltage line surges are suppressed--thereby minimizing the risk of crippling line voltage spikes and the subsequent damage to sensitive equipment such as computer chips, stereo equipment or other componentry.  Our chargers have been successfully tested at 4000 volts. Built in timers Built in timers to prevent the continual charging of a shorted or severely discharged battery. A reliable sealed design: Our design allows for one durable, shock resistant, vibration resistant tough charger! Mount it inside your ride, and attach it permanently!  Use the quick disconnects for easy hassle- free and SIMPLE hoop up in your garage! Water resistant cover, with APPROVAL for outdoor use, even in cold weather! Compact, lightweight construction for easy storage and portability  Many models will fit in automobile glove box If you are an “on the go” individual who prefers to travel light while still maintaining your Toys—CTEK chargers are the way to go. Take CTEK charging convenience with you; leave the cumbersome and bulky chargers behind. Constant Current Charging Nearly ripple free, CTEK Chargers provide nearly pure DC current with less than 5% current ripple.   Desulphation stage  Sulfated battery’s are difficult to charge.  Our patent-- pending desulphation mode can help break through a badly sulphated battery to allow it to accept charging. The desulphation stage monitors the battery’s ability to start accepting a charge effectively by applying a very low charge current at a regulated voltage.  It will initially pulse at a rate of 10 times per second.  As the battery starts to initially accept a charge, the pulses slow down and then allow the charger to the next stage.   Pulse stage Most conventional trickle chargers continue to charge without shutting off.   The CTEK chargers completely shut off the current and voltage until the battery falls to a 12.9 voltage level.  It will restart for a short duration at a minimal current level until the battery reaches the chargers regulation level.  This process continues until the charger is disconnected. CTEK install for the Corvette C6 Z06 You also order with the CTEK 3300 an optional lighter adapter (allows you to charge your battery through the cigarette lighter) and/or the battery charge indicator (show current charge state of your battery). If you're purchasing this CTEK Charger for your Corvette you may also want to consider including a StealthLink push-pull link adapter. The StealthLink adapter is an extremely low-profile, easy, and efficient way to plug in your CTEK battery charger. With a simple Push and Pull connection link, the StealthLink allows for you to plug or unplug your battery charger in a matter of seconds, without ever having to open the trunk to get to the battery. It's a complete, aviation grade connection that installs easily and discretely on the C5 and C6 Corvette. Completely waterproof and weatherproof when not plugged in, this battery charger link is made from high quality components and is sure to last the life of both the vehicle and your CTEK charger. Especially nice is the ability to put a car cover over your Corvette while charging it with the handy and unique StealthLink adapter. Has zero interference with the vehicle! Comes with the proper CTEK connections and all components necessary for a quick, easy, and invisible installation. Once installed, the StealthLink push-pull battery connection is the best there is in low-profile, aviation grade battery charging connection and utilizes the CTEK charger to its fullest potential!
  • C7 Corvette Oil Catch Can

    2014-2019 C7 Corvette Elite Engineering PCV Oil Catch Can

    Ultimate Function: The Elite Engineering PCV Oil Catch Can is designed to effectively separate oil from the crankcase vapors, thereby eliminating all negative effects of excessive intake system oil contamination. Our Catch Can has been engineered to remove the oil vapor before it has a chance to contaminate your intake system. Purpose of your Stock PCV System: The PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system is designed to regulate and remove fumes from the engine crankcase and to alleviate crankcase pressure which could cause oil leaks or seal damage. The PCV system routes crankcase fumes into the intake manifold where they can be burned to eliminate harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The PCV valve controls the amount of crankcase flow volume depending on the engine's load. With large throttle openings (high engine loads), the more blow-by gases are produced, and the more the PCV system flows oil vapor in to the intake manifold. The PCV valve also functions as a check valve to prevent intake manifold flow from reversing back into the crankcase when there is a backfire, or during periods of high manifold pressure (boost) during forced induction by turbocharger or supercharger. Negative Effects of your Stock PCV System: Throttle body and/or MAFS (Mass Air Flow Sensor) malfunction or failure. Air filter, intercooler (if equipped) and intake ducting contamination if oil pools and run back out the intake system after engine shutdown. Reduced octane of the air/fuel mixture, which can cause detonation and the ECM (Engine Control Module) to retard timing, thereby reducing engine power. Excessive carbon build-up on valves, piston crowns, combustion chambers and spark plugs. This also increases the chance of detonation and power loss. Increased emissions & possible contamination of catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Many Corvette owners even with fresh new engines can testify to the amount of oil residue that can accumulate inside the intake manifold, throttle body, intake track and even the air filter during aggressive driving conditions. Solution: Install the E2 Elite Engineering PCV Oil Catch Can Not all Catch Cans are created equally! Often Imitated, never duplicated. Most Catch Cans on the market are just comprised of an empty container with 2 ports. While that simple design may trap a few oil droplets, our Catch Can is designed to condense the oil vapor and trap the oil inside the container. Our test proven design incorporates a stainless steel mesh and screening mechanism that acts like a maze to collect and condense the oil vapor. Once the oil vapors condense into liquid droplets, it falls to the bottom of the can. In addition, the top assembly is specially designed to keep any liquid from climbing out the exit hole during aggressive driving conditions. Stored oil volume is approximately 8 ounces. You will be amazed by how much oil our Catch Can will catch! Don't settle for an inferior competitor's product. Insist on Elite Engineering's Catch Can! Premium Construction: The Elite Engineering PCV Oil Catch Can is constructed of the finest materials inside and out. High-performance car owners insist on the best products that offer unsurpassed function as well as impressive visual enhancement. Our Catch Can does both! Our exclusive design incorporates optimum function and the finest materials, construction and finish for maximum dependability. The 2.6" diameter by 6.0" long body is machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, and then anodized in a variety of colors for a striking look. The internal condensing screen is stainless steel encased inside an aluminum alloy housing designed for low flow restriction. The housing can be disassembled for screen inspection, cleaning or replacement if needed. The inlet and outlet hose fittings are brass, and threaded into the body and sealed with Teflon tape. Supplied hoses are fuel and oil vapor compatible (SAE 30R7 rated). The bottom catch can reservoir screws onto the top of the unit and is sealed with a built-in O-ring. Inspection and cleaning is easy by simply removing the bottom of the unit without disturbing the mounting system or hoses. In keeping with our high-quality standards, all supplied mounting hardware and screws are stainless steel. The supplied custom machined bracket is aluminum and is attached to the passenger side engine head. Click here, take a look at our instructions page to see how simple the installation is. Each Catch Can kit includes everything you need to install the system. Basic mechanical skills and common hand tools are the only things required. Kit Includes: Catch Can assembly beautifully anodized in a choice of available colors, complete with 3/8" barbed inlet/outlet hose fittings. Custom machined mounting  Stainless steel mounting hardware. 24 inches of 3/8" ID fuel and oil vapor compatible hose. Black zinc plated hose clamps. Bottom line: Excessive amounts of oil vapor in the intake manifold is detrimental to your engine! APPLICATION: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 C7 Corvette Stingray, Z51   
  • CTEK CTX Battery Sense Monitor

    CTEK CTX Battery Sense Monitor

      CTEK announces the CTX Battery Sense, their newest innovative battery tool. The CTX BATTERY SENSE is a useful, simple and fun tool that can be easily integrated into your battery management strategy. It can be used to monitor ANY vehicle’s 12V battery – and there’s no limit to the number of batteries that it can watch over. With an easy-to-use app that is downloaded to your smart phone, you can keep watch over your batteries’ health via Bluetooth®, 24/7/365 – right from your pocket. The CTX BATTERY SENSE couldn’t be easier to install and setup. First download the app from the appropriate store – Android (Google Play) or iOS (Apple App Store). Then follow the instructions in-app.   Features   FOR ALL SLI 12V LED/ACID BATTERIES. FROM 4,5AH -> (WET; MF; CA/CA; AGM AND GEL) SMART PHONE APPLICATION, CONNECTS VIA BLUETOOTH CONTINUOUSLY MEASURES THE BATTERY’S STATE OF CHARGE GIVES A PRACTICAL OVERVIEW OF THE STATUS OF UNLIMITED BATTERIES AT A TIME NOTIFICATIONS IF BATTERY’S STATE OF CHARGE FALLS TO A CRITICAL LEVEL AND IF NOT CONNECTED FOR A WEEK 2-YEAR WARRANTY

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Talking about the battery tenders and chargers, consider the time when you put your C7 Corvette away for the Fall or Winter months and when Spring hitsyou jump in your C7 Corvette for the first time only to have a dead battery. This really breaks your day. Don't let a dead battery kill your first drive of spring season. We've got a nice option in the CTEK battery charger 3300. This little charger will keep your Corvette battery charged up and ready to run, when the weather changes.

We also have CTEK battery sense monitor, jacking pads pucks set etc. to keep you fully covered to deal with the harsh winter season. We ensure that we only deliver quality products from top manufacturers at low prices so that aftermarket doesn’t cost you a jackpot. In case of queries, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you out. If you’re looking for battery tenders and chargers for your 2014+ C7 Corvette, then you’re at the right place. You can browse through our category of battery tenders and chargers here.


Corvette C7 Maintenance

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