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Corvette C6 Transmission Parts

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2005-2013 C6 Corvette Transmission and Clutch

Transmission and Clutch Component Parts for the C6 Corvette

Few things are as important to the performance and drivability of your vehicle than its transmission, and in the C6 Corvette with the Chevy small-block LS V8 engine putting down as much power as it does, this is made doubly apparent. Corvette clutches, flywheels, shifters, and other components of the vehicle's transmission are pertinent to the performance and fun of the vehicle. We here at Southern Car Parts are happy to carry Corvette transmission component pieces for this very reason. Don't let clutch issues grind your gears-get upgraded, performance oriented, and track-ready component transmission pieces for your Corvette today and experience your C6 like never before.

Corvette Transmission

Part of the ultimate track experience comes from the driver's ability to shift quickly and smoothly between the gears, moving up and down the gearbox as they cut through the twists and turns of the track they're on. Upgrading the Corvette clutch, Corvette transmission mounts, Corvette flywheel, Corvette shifter bushings, Corvette shifter, and other Corvette transmission components will result in a smoother, more confident shift and an increase in driver response and enjoyment. The mark of a great track vehicle is its dedication to all vehicle components, big and small, and there are few as powerful and necessary to the transfer of power to the road as the Corvette's transmission.

We carry from the top manufacturers like LG Motorsports, B&M,Hurst and Ram Clutches.

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