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CTEK Battery Chargers


CTEK Battery Chargers-Car And Motorcycle Battery Chargers

We have come a long way into the world of the battery. Without really thinking about it, we are completely surrounded by vehicles, appliances, machines, energysources, tools, portable computing devices... which all means, in one way or another, that we are dependent on the well-being of our batteries.
We also have significantly more vehicles and machines per household and many of them are hobby related and associated with summer or winter activities.
Virtually all vehicles and machines today have electronic equipment – alarms, stereos, – each with special settings. It is now not simply a question of how to avoid discharged batteries, it is about remembering to maintain them, which is why you should consider a maintenance charge as a security measure for the battery, the sensitive electronic equipment and, in particular, for the person connecting the battery charger.
It has to be reassuring to know that the battery charger is fully automatic, that nothing will happen if it is connected incorrectly, that you can leave the battery charger for several months at a time and know not only that it is entirely safe but that it is even good for the battery. This is where CTEK Battery Chargers come into play. They are simply the smartest battery charger on the market today.




Benefits of a CTEK Battery Charger
#1 Maximizes Battery Life
CTEK Smarter Chargers maximize the life of your battery. Our patented desulphation function can extend the life of your current battery 2-3 times that of its normal life. With an annual growth rate of over 50% for the last six years, people around the world are finding CTEK chargers as a valuable investment to keep their vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and much more, in prime condition.
#2 High-Quality Engineering
CTEK Smarter Chargers are of the highest-quality engineering, but don’t take our word for it. CTEK is the preferred battery charger for some of the most prestigious engineering brands in the world: Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley Motors, Scania AB, BMW, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Chevrolet (Corvette), Ferrari, Alfa Romeo S.p.A., Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH, Aston Martin, Arctic Cat, Yamaha Motor Company, Maserati, Mercedes, and more. Plus, they are available at an affordable cost. 
#3 Monitors and Maintains Battery Performance
CTEK Smarter Chargers smartly maintain the battery in prime condition through a series of 4 to 8 steps in our unique charging process. Our chargers constantly monitor the battery to understand the battery condition and then act accordingly: disulphate, revive, charge, condition and maintains. CTEK Smarter Chargers also regulate the main voltage to protect sensitive and expensive electronic and audio equipment. They even have a backup power supply that allows you to charge vehicle batteries without losing your vehicles program settings.
#4 Saves Time, Money and the Environment
CTEK Smarter Chargers can help you save time, battery costs, towing costs, repair costs, and the environment through regular battery maintenance. Why? Battery Failure is often reported as the number one cause for breakdowns around the world and with modern verhicles complex and sensitive electronic equipment, this continues to be a big issue. As a result, motorists are unnecessarily paying for battery replacements, towing, and mechanic time, then throwing their existing batteries away! (and doing so regularly).
#5 Re-Conditions Old / Dead Batteries
CTEK Smarter Chargers recondition and help revive dead batteries. Our unique reconditioning step allows the battery to recover quickly and last longer.
#6 Affordable Investment
For the cost of a battery, a CTEK charger can keep all of your batteries in prime condition and offer you peace of mind for years to come.
#7 Sparkproof and Shockproof to prevent accidents
CTEK Smarter Chargers are safer to charge with because their spark-free, short-circuit-proof design incorporates a feature that prevents reverse polarity. In other words, the charger will know if you attach one end to the wrong battery post and will not operate if it is attached incorrectly. Conveniently, the red alarm light on the charger alerts you if it wasn’t attached correctly so that you can get it connected properly.
#8 Reliable and nearly indestructable
CTEK Smarter Chargers are durable and can perform under extreme weather environments, with a temperature range of (-4°F to +122°F). They are shockproof, weatherproof, dustproof, and fully approved for outdoor use (IP44-IP65).
#9 Idiotproof and Easy to use
Even though CTEK Smarter Chargers are sophisticated “under the hood”, they are easy to use. CTEK’s patented float/pulse charging allows ‘set and forget’ for months at a time without harming the battery. Motorists do not need to have a specific knowledge of batteries or their charging methods. With each Smarter Charger intended for unsupervised use, CTEK is foolproof to connect. There is no need to even disconnect the battery during use – it’s simply ‘plug and play’.
#10 Multi-Purpose
CTEK’s range of Smarter Chargers suits all types of lead-acid batteries for vehicles of all sizes and types including cars, motorbikes, marine vessels, agricultural vehicles, motor homes, lawn mowers, and more.

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