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Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

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Sound and performance are the two main reasons why someone would seek out an aftermarket exhaust system. Exhaust systems can get pricey, so car enthusiasts might also be after one that is budget friendly while still offering all the goods. Here at Southern Car Parts, we have that perfect Magnaflow exhaust that can offer you everything that a high-performance aftermarket exhaust system should with the best prices the aftermarket has to offer.

Take a look through our Magnaflow exhaust inventory and you’ll find a vast selection of Magnaflow exhaust tips, X-Pipe designs, axle-back and cat-back systems and more for just about any ride you are looking to upgrade. We even carry special Magnaflow exhaust upgrades for NPP (GM High-Performance) Corvette and Camaro exhaust, including the C7 Corvette Magnaflow NPP Exhaust System Street Series 19172, plus upgrades for diesel exhaust systems and high-performance exhaust systems that are high-flow and race ready.

Add Rumble With a Magnaflow Exhaust System

All Magnaflow exhaust products are tested for fitment, tested on the dyno for accurate performance numbers and are manufactured using mandrel bends for the least amount of restriction and the most amount of durability as possible. Magnaflow prides itself on using the highest quality stainless steel backed by a lifetime warranty. If you want the best sounding exhaust around that is designed to last and perform, then our Magnaflow dual exhaust systems will help you reach your goal. The classic low rumble that a 2011-2013 Camaro SS Convertible Magnaflow Street Series Cat Back Exhaust 15089 system delivers is one that has been adored by car enthusiast for decades.

It’s the Magnaflow top technology that offers you not just great sound that you’ll love inside and outside of your car, but also horsepower and torque gains across the RPM range. You might even find that a Magnaflow exhaust offers you better performance in the miles per gallon area depending on how much of your exhaust system you upgraded and how you drive on a daily basis.

Style is another place Magnaflow exhaust systems shine bright. Finding the perfect Magnaflow exhaust tips is easy when you shop with us at Southern Car Parts. We offer all kinds of options

so that wherever your exhaust exits, it can look just as good as it sounds. And if someone does take a peek under your vehicle at a car show, the high-quality materials and flawless configurations that Magnaflow is known for will surely impress.

For a Magnaflow exhaust that fits your four-cylinder, six-cylinder or monster V-8, give us a call today, and we will help you find the perfect setup for your application. You won’t find a better Magnaflow exhaust price on the web than right here with us. Let us be your go-to place for all of your Magnaflow dual exhaust needs.

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At Southern Car Parts, we offer free shipping on most of our products. We believe in 100% satisfaction and our team of experts is always ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Choose from Magnaflow's wide range of exhaust systems for Corvette, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, and more. Add power to the engine of your car, and purchase a Magnaflow Exhaust System or Magnaflow exhaust accessories today.

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