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Metro Vacuum

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Metro Vacuum Airforce Master Blaster Car Dryer and Car Vacuums


Now you can effortlessly dry an entire car in minutes without leaving micro scratches or water spots! Air Force Blaster car dryers use warm, dry, filtered air to safely blast water off expensive finishes and out of hard-to-reach places where no towel or chamois could ever reach. Perfect for getting water out of side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights, etc.

The Air Force Master Blaster features two twin-fan, 4.0 Peak Horse-power motors capable of delivering up to 58,000 feet-per-minute of clean, dry, warm, filtered air! Each motor is controlled by a separate switch that allows you to select from three different airflow and temperature levels up to 60 degrees above ambient.
Airforce Master Blaster Car Dryer
Touchless drying with no afterstreaking
Does not remove wax
Cuts drying time by up to 80%
Prevents rust and eliminates water spots
Better/safer than compressed air or leaf blowers
Safe for expensive paint and chrome
Rugged all-steel construction built to last
Three Blaster models to fit any budget
In 2008, Metro Vacuum entered the automotive industry with a full line of car vacuum cleaners from the Metropolitan 500 (500 watt hand held) to the JUMBO VAC N BLO wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner. They also introduced a line of car dryers which will completely dry an entire full size car in 15 minutes when the MASTER BLASTER is used. Both product lines are targeting detailers and the automotive enthusiast world wide.
Metro Car Vacuum
2009 marked their 70th year anniversary in business which is a major milestone in this day and age. About 70 per cent of family businesses never make it to the second generation, according to a recent Grant Thornton research study. A stunning 90 per cent of family companies go bust before a third generation can take over the management of the firm. So with three generations of Stern management they are bucking the trend, manufacturing products in the USA and continuing to grow in a very chaotic and unsettled economy.
"Here we are in 2011 and I’m very proud of what we have accomplished over the last 72 years", explained Jules, President and CEO. "It is very gratifying to produce products right here in the USA that actually work and are durable. We will continue to innovate and introduce products into the markets we serve and carry on the tradition that my parents  started in 1939!"