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APR Performance

APR Performance Carbon Fiber Parts

When it comes to selecting the top quality carbon fiber parts and accessories for your Corvette today you must only look at one brand - APR Performance.  Better know simply as APR, when you purchase a carbon fiber part for your Corvette and APR is the brand, you know you've purchased the best quality, hands down, in the industry.

Southern Car Parts is one of the top reselling vendors for APR Corvette Carbon Fiber products in the entire country. We have formed a stead and solid relationship with the guys over at APR. The great thing about buying APR from Southern Car Parts is the fact that we know the Corvette line of products so well, we can give you little tips and tricks on what and how to install or where to start, etc. We love APR because all of their C5 Corvette, C6 Corvette and C7 Corvette Stingray carbon fiber parts are made right here in the USA. APR performance has recently moved into the C7 Corvette Z06 carbon fiber manufacturing world, creating works of art for the Z06 Corvette customer.

Many of the APR Performance carbon fiber products are made in an autoclave machine, this is the top way, and most expensive way to create a carbon fiber product. Like we mentioned before, APR is the best in the business. We also guarantee that APR products are not the most inexpensive. You can certainly find lesser quality hand laid pieces. These are not as good of quality and will not look as good and will weigh much more.

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