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S&B Filters

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S&B Filters

should be the first choice when it comes to selecting your next high flow cold air intake system, your new air filter, body mount kit or particulate separator. We have really come to support the S&B brand because their products are unmatched in terms of quality, performance and value. You will be hard pressed to find a better performing cold air intake from any competitor, and we are confident you won't find a Made in the USA competitor unit for the price. S&B Filters has built a following of loyal customers and supporters unlike any other brand we carry; and for good reason. We've seen time and again, a customer needs a little more help or clarification with installation, they pick up the phone and ring S&B's tech support department and they have their newest performance modification installed and ready to enjoy within minutes. One area S&B has really increased their visibility in the past few years is in the body mount market. When your truck starts to show it's years on the road one area that will need to be addressed is the suspension and body mounts.

S&B Body Mounts

are made to the highest standards, built from silicone so that they will never deteriorate over time and they will always perform like day one. You'll never have to hear the dreaded clunking sounds as you barrell down the road. Silicone is also heat resistant. You might ask why this is important? Simple, heat is the number one cause of destruction to factory body mounts. Since silicone body mounts resist heat, you don't need to worry about these breaking down in a few years. In addition to the silicone mounts, S&B provides new steel caps and OEM factory bolts, this is important so that the installation company does the install correct the first time and you know you are safe while traveling down the road. Let's talk

Cold Air Intakes by S&B Filters.

You have a few dozen choices while picking out a new cold air intake for your truck or suv, we understand that and you might wonder why we are so excited about S&B cold air packages? The answer is simple. Maximum performance. Maximum quality and Maximum value. Plus the cold air intakes from S&B Filters just looks plain cool with the clear polycarbonate window. Many cold air intakes for Ford Powerstroke, Chevrolet Duramax and Ram Cummins Diesels are not closed air units, this means that the hot engine air is being sucked in and used to give you a performance boost - this isn't ideal. S&B has a closed airbox with every unit, the closed airbox means you will be pulling in cool air, we all know that cool air results in more performance than hot air. We also know that S&B uses premium silicone components with all of their intakes, they don't use the cheaper plastic material that larger, national known manufacturers have been known to use for years. Why is silicone better? Silicone is a premium rubber which resists heat, corrosion and performs better. We urge you to pick up an S&B Cold Air Intake for your 2014-2016 Chevrolet/GMC 5.3L/6.2L part number 75-5069. You can't find a better unit than the S&B Filters 75-5068 Cold Air Intake For 2013-2018 Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7L (Oiled Cleanable, 8-ply Cotton Filter). We love the S&B Filters 75-5075-1 Cold Air Intake For 2011-2016 Chevy/GMC Duramax 6.6L (Oiled Cleanable, 8-ply Cotton Filter). Or even the S&B Filters 75-5062 Cold Air Intake For 1998-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L (Oiled Cleanable, 8-ply Cotton Filter). All intakes are ISO 5011 tested and accepted, meaning you are getting the very highest quality intake money can buy! Lastly, you don't want to install your new intake and come to find your "check engine light" illuminated as soon as you power on your truck. Don't worry about that! S&B guarantees no check engine lights due to their MAF Sensor locations and utilization. S&B really has thought of just about everything when it comes to your diesel truck and a performance cold air intake. Lastly, we cannot forget about the

S&B Filters replacement air filters

. Maybe you don't want to take the plunge with a brand new, complete intake system, that is okay! You can still get more performance and longer engine life with a high flow air filter. Why not choose an American Made high performance, high flowing air filters? The S&B brand will outflow all competition, which in turn means more performance and more fuel mileage than stock and also more than the competition. The most popular units are for diesel trucks like the 6.7L Dodge Cummins, 6.7L Powerstroke Ford and the 6.6L Duramax diesel for Chevrolet and GMC.
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