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Speedlingerie Acura NSX

Acura NSX Speedlingerie

1) Why Should I get SpeedLingerie, when I can get a competitor's product for much less?  There really is no comparison between SpeedLingerie and any other "car bra" product.  When you consider the average cost of a quality blended paint repair is $1,000.00, SpeedLingerie is the best "insurance policy " on Earth!   Each SpeedLingerie product is custom designed and hand crafted of the finest materials available, lasts five times as long as the typical "black bra" and is backed by our superb warranty and repair services. Made with a critical eye for design & color matches and an artisan’s touch at craftsmanship, our products complement the look of a car as well as protect it.  Our selection of the highest quality materials, attention to detail and commitment to creating beautiful protection may cost more than the other guys, but we know it’s well worth it, and so will you.  

2) Can I wear SpeedLingerie all the time, in all kinds of weather?  SpeedLingerie can be worn for long driving trips as well as daily driving.  Many drivers are familiar with the problems created by long-term wear of typical "black bras" – damage from flapping, rubbing, moisture, etc…  SpeedLingerie has eradicated these issues, with high quality materials, well thought out designs, and worry-free fastener systems.  We do suggest you remove SpeedLingerie products for cleaning and routine vehicle maintenance and care, and after prolonged exposure to moisture. 

3) What if I'm required to wear a front license plate?  SpeedLingerie offers front license plate accommodations for almost every model; please specify if a front license plate is required.  Whether it’s a 40 gauge clear plastic window, bracket apertures, or a removable plate pocket, SpeedLingerie has a design solution that won’t compromise protection or looks.  

4) How does SpeedLingerie fasten to my car?  SpeedLingerie uses NO metal tabs or glue, and requires NO drilling or major modifications for product installation.  Our proprietary fastening systems ensure completely enclosed and secure installation, with no slipping, movement, or flapping areas. QuiKlip consists of a smooth channel custom molded to fit the entire front length of Porsche, Prowler, and Ferrari wheel well edges.  This application is simple, secure, scratch-free, and beautifully discreet.  FasTrak is a vehicle-specific bracket system designed for QuiKlip application on Corvette, Ferrari 550M, NSX, and Viper motorcars.   Using existing vehicle hardware, FasTrak mounts easily within the wheel well, and requires no drilling or modifications. 

5) How does SpeedLingerie match the color of the car?  We acquire paint samples from the manufacturers corporate facilities. From those paint samples we have the proprietary technology to match all factory colors    

6) How long is shipping and handling for receiving a SpeedLingerie product?  Regular lead time for a nose cover is 7-10 business days. Unique colors and nose kits require up to 14 business days for shipping.    

7) Is SpeedLingerie easy to install?  All SpeedLingerie products are very simple to install.  Initial nose cover installation should take about 15-20 minutes; we suggest having a partner available for assistance, and advise carefully following the instructions.  With practice, subsequent installations will take about 5-10 minutes.    

8) I race at the track.  Can SpeedLingerie perform and protect at high speeds?  Although we’ve had customer testimonials of excellent product performance at track speeds in excess of 170 mph, SpeedLingerie speed tests and guarantees our products to be flap free up to 150 mph.

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