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Vararam are the makers of the most powerful Ram Air systems on the market, period! If you're looking for a fantastic Ram Air intake application for your vehicle, look no further than VaraRam. Southern Car Parts is a master distributor for VaraRam industries and your one-stop shopping source for all VaraRam intake systems.


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  • C7 Corvette Vararam Cold Air Intake System VR-TCR-7

    2014-2019 C7 Corvette Vararam Cold Air Intake System VR-TCR-7

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    If you are looking to increase to the performance of your C7 by adding an aftermarket air intake look no further than this new vararam intake. This precision injected intake has an amazing finish that looks like it is factory installed. This intake also features a true cold air induction that pulls cooler outside air from a high-pressure zone that gains added power without needing to cut up your Corvette. This intake also features same intake tube design as the COPO race program used for increased airflow. Installation takes only a few minutes with just a few simple hand tools. This intake also includes a green high-performance air filter that is washable and reusable so you will never have to purchase another air filter again. Veraram helped design this filter years ago for maximum power and increased performance. This new C7 Corvette intake has two features not found on any other air intake. The first feature is the reverse venturi intake tube. By expanding the intake to it helps pull the slow-moving air off of the side of the intake and speeds it up causing more air to be fed into your engine providing additional horsepower. The second is the auxiliary air inlet. This inlet draws cooler outside air from a high-pressure zone and will drop the intake air temperature in seconds to ambient air temperature for increased horsepower. Other intakes can take miles of driving before they cool down if they ever cool down. This new intake will provide an 18-20 hp increase without tuning and even more power if you retune your Corvette. This intake is truly one of the highest performing and best-designed intakes on the market today and is sure to give your C7 Corvette a noticeable boost in performance. Veraram has been designing and building high-performance intakes for Corvettes since the late-90s. They have a proven track record of designing and building the most powerful intake systems on the market today. With their new intake C7 the VR-TCR-7 they bring decades of experience to the new C7 Corvette. TCR-7 Features:Precision Injection and Rotational Molded construction for unprecedented quality.Pulls additional airflow from a High-Pressure zone dropping heat soak temps in seconds, NOT miles like our competition. Gains of 1.2 – 4 % more power from Cold Air alone! No need to spend moneyNo tuning required. You can custom tune for more power.Straight from the COPO Race program, Our Patented Reverse Venturi Intake Tube with throttle body Bell-Mouth for added flow. The result, flow is increased beyond having no intake at all!Quick and Easy Installation. No cutting or drilling on your car. Application: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 C7 Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport   Proper Heat shielding:Dramatically delays heat penetration. Proper Mold Quality:ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing.Smooth internally, near even plastic flow. Maintains mold thickness Requirements for strength and minimizing heat penetration. Heat shielding?The material did not stop heat soak during our real-world testing.As you can see, its “OPEN” it can’t Poor mold quality:Moisture in the plastic.Makes for a thin, flimsy, weak part. This also allows heat to penetrate quicker. The differences are very clear! The VR Reverse Venturi tube is the product of hours of CFD, Flow-bench and Racing development. With expanding walls that can reach a massive 5.0 inches in ID combined with a gentle sweep angle and decreasing radius air horn to increase flow into the engine beyond vacuum alone. This combination flows far more volume while maintaining the velocity of a smaller tube. This competitor uses a standard ID bore that is “SMALLER” than factory and an “off the shelf ” 90 deg bend. Even GM didn’t do that!  
  • C5 Corvette Intake Vararam VR-B2

    C5 Corvette Intake Vararam VR-B2

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    The Upper AirboxWe have retooled the upper air box completely,The filter flange area has been increased to enclose the new cotton gauze filter properly,The seating radius had been altered to lower the box quarter inch and allow for more uniform compression across the filter surface area.We have added a perimeter gasket around the filter, encapsulating the filter creating an airtight seal every time, so NO leakage!The box material has been changed to more impact absorbent material. The Lower Ram TubesHere we have shortened the tubes to reduce the excessive load on the front shroud and to allow for an easier fit.Gaskets have been changed to a crush fit with overlapping gaskets as shown.This ensures a good tight seal every time and these gaskets can be reused or replaced over time.We have pre-attached the above-mentioned gaskets and the V-strip to one of the ducts for the customer, this cuts down on installation time and ensures a good installation every time. Instructions Here we spent a great deal of time adding many helpful hints and shortcuts to make the installation fast and easy. We have added ALL NEW pictures, that are large and clear, greatly improving the ease of installation over older kits. The VR-B2 features up to 40 HP throughout the RPM rangeSpecially designed water trough system helps dissipate any incoming waterIncreases throttle responseIncreases gas mileage 1-3 MPGIncreases accelerationNo cutting or drillingComes with VR Super Street filterOEM Look and you get to keep your fog lights!!! In the case of all VR ram air units, true power output will never be able to be measured on a dyne as they are designed on a race track (to be moving). All are tested at varying speeds with multiple multipliers in them in order to function at the desired speed and pressure levels, not noticeable on a static dyno (if you like strong dyno numbers instead of unbelievable on track performance simply disconnect the ram tubes or contact one of our tech staff to find out how to adjust the VR for your power needs). What it comes down to is during the design process you must determine if you are building a ram air system or a system to pull numbers on a dyno. The reason being, each property PULLING or PUSHING, has its own internal aerodynamic package. The VR-B2 has a multiplier system in it (this will hurt pulling airflow static, due to there shape, this can be negated by using an extra half inch step in front of the filter but then it will delay the ram effect as well). This is similar to a blower drive or turbo multiplier. It is applied to airflow at each given speed. Example: say you had an aftermarket cold air box that at 75 Mph was 90% efficient. The VR is over 100% efficient at that same speed. Now at 100 Mph, the cold air is still at 90% (more than likely is has slipped to 88% efficiency, typical of this type of setup). The VR is at well over 100% efficiency and climbing! This is a gain that you will never see on a dyno. All ram air boxes are about the same, aren't they? We love answering this because in the aftermarket it seems that very few ever care to really talk about or emphasize to you the customer that if you want a fast car you need power and torque developed under the curve. Everyone is so concerned about peak power on a dyno that they forget two things: 1. The car needs power under the curve to accelerate. 2. The intake system must be able to recover, build and maintain air pressure as quickly as possible. This means making the intake as efficient as possible NOT at PEAK but during shift recovery under the curve requiring proper airbox design and internal systems to increase velocity pressures to help offset any head loss incurred in the system. As independently dyno tested by Cartek and C5 Super Tuner shootout winner Danny Pop, the VR-B2 made anywhere from 2-4 rear wheel Hp more than this competitor at peak but at 5000 Rpm they both saw 5-10 Hp more while sitting on a dyno on stock and modified cars. The VR-1B was designed to perform under the curve. The system will typically gain the same or more torque than Hp depending on the filter used and the year of the car. Take a look: (the test car is a 98 A4 with 2.73 axle, other than these intakes, the car is stock)Initially, the VR is already maintaining +.25 Psi more at this recovery point, in 1.5 seconds the VR is +.34 Psi from its competitor. Now let's talk about Hp differences using the same Hp/Psi formulas as mentioned elsewhere on this page. This car pulled 299 Hp at -.89 Psi with the competitor and 302 Hp at -.89 Psi with the VR (this car averaged +2-5 Hp under the curve with the VR depending on the Rpm). This will yield 21.657 Hp/Psi and a 21.874 Hp/Psi respectively. At shift recovery that equates to 303.19 Hp, the VR produced 311.70 Hp. That's an 8.5 Hp difference at just shift recovery from pressure alone, not including any difference on the dyno we will use the lower numbers (2-5 Hp @ 5000 Rpm). That's a 10.5-13.5 Hp difference. 1.5 seconds later there is a +.34 Psi difference, 14.21 = 307.75 Hp vs. 14.55 = 318.27 Hp. Now we are looking at a 10.52 Hp difference from pressure only. Once again you add the dyno difference using the lower number at 5000 Rpm (+2-5 Hp) and you have a 12.52-15.52 Hp difference and we are only at about 80 Mph. Now peak Rpm, the last second before 90 Mph. 14.54 = 314.89 Hp vs. 14.74 = 322.36 Hp and now add the dyno difference at peak (+2-4 Hp) 322.36 Hp +2 Hp = 324.36 or a difference of 9.47 Hp. The only problem here is that as speed rose (not shown on the chart) to a typical C5 trap speed the competitor lost -.14 psi (caused by air spillage pointed out elsewhere in this discussion) bringing the VR back to the full +15 Hp over traveling through the mile traps. If multiplied by a 15% correction factor for an automatic car that would be a +17.25 Hp difference traveling through the mile (remember the Mph difference of 1.7 Mph). If you had to put a percentage to it 60-70% of the time in gear a VR is 12-15 Hp stronger and the last 30% its 12-9.2 Hp stronger than its competitors. This is the current area of racing engine development that is being concentrated on. In the old days, you used a dyno. These days it's used for general measurement and to run engines in before being installed in the cars. If someone has designed a ram air system on a dyno then it has a 90% chance of not working well at normal road speeds. It will simply take too long to pressurize or the ducts will be too short and air spillage will occur and the pressurization will be nil and all that you will have is a filter hanging in the wind. A proper ram air system is a very complex item to make function properly at road speeds below 100 Mph. We spent over 2 years developing the Corvette C5 unit but our parameters were for OEM, not all-out race use. Our competition makes around 28-32 Hp through a 1/4 mile. The VR on a standard C5 or Z06 averages 35-43 Hp through that same 1/4 mile but the VR will make power and torque faster enabling it to be much quicker even on a dyno. "We picked up 5 more Hp at peak over the Donaldson on our basic 390 rear wheel Hp car on or chassis dyno. " Cartek Racing in Garwood, NJ using a VR set up for their cars (1 inch spacer in front of the filter vs. standard 1/2 inch), they were seeing 2-4 Hp more at peak Rpm with a VR-B2 but at 5000 Rpm they were seeing as much as 10 Hp more with the VR unit. Here in lies one of the many reasons why the VR is so quick. The system was designed to be adjustable by simply increasing or decreasing the plenum volume to suit a given car's power needs static. This feature combined with the low-pressure drop across of our competition air filters allows the system to make more power under the curve and with a very efficient internal duct package it will force feed more air at lower speeds making for a much quicker and faster car. It's no wonder the guys at Cartek have the fastest head and cam cars in the country. Some of our customers with stroker motors have gained up to 30 Ft-lbs of torque and 18-22 Hp more than a Donaldson. The reason here is simple. Proper airbox design engineered to outflow the competition all the way to 700 Bhp or 8000 Rpm! We hope that you have enjoyed this small look into some of our R&D and If you have any questions feel free to E-mail Us. A lot of companies talk about performance in the automotive aftermarket, but at VaraRam, we guarantee it! We have been doing it for racing teams for years and now we are doing it for you.   The new VR-B2 unit is the third generation of our record-setting VR-B2 system. This ram air system is over 110% efficient which allows the system to build manifold pressure at very low road speeds. This will improve acceleration which will lead decreased zero to 60 times as tested by Vette magazine. Our system will decrease you 1/4 mile times by 3/10ths - 1/2 second, Guaranteed!! or we will buy it back!   Application: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 C5 Corvette
  • C6 Corvette  Intake Vararam VR-SC1 LS2

    C6 Corvette Intake Vararam VR-SC1 LS2

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      After 1 full year of R&D, the all-new C-6 Snake charmer ram air induction kit is finally ready for the street. The snake charmer is a heavy development of the original C-5 B2 unit. We used information gathered from 12 special B2 Race units that we constructed for racing only, these units featured many different internal aerodynamic packages and filter combinations, to maximize peak CFM and time to peak manifold pressure. We have emphasized too many customers and racing teams that it’s not just peak pressure but the time to peak manifold pressure that we look at, this occurs at shift recovery, down in the meat of the power curve. This helps for shooting off of corners, general drivability, and overall peak performance, this shows up in the form of Torque& Lots of it. Like all VR units the snake charmer was not designed for dynoing (pulling air) it was designed for ramming as such the aero package and shape of the unit is designed around this. The philosophy is simple; design for the most efficient aero package possible at all speeds ranging from 10mph- 180mph. The snake charmer is over 108%-123% efficient!! How much power will you get? So now the how much power will you get question- standing on a dyno without using any special programming you should expect 10-15hp from any cold air kit,but once moving the VR will put all the lost MAP pressure back into the plenum yielding another 17hp by 60mph 19-20by 90-100mph and the way we rate our kits is through a ¼ mile Your total power through a ¼ mile is about another 22hp plus the dyno hp of 10-15hp,so, on the low side, 32 Rear wheel hp, high side 37 Rear wheel hp. That’s 39- 42hp at the flywheel through a ¼ mile. This power shows up in the testing performance of the unit where we see gains of the following,3.5 -4 tenths off the ¼ mile+3.5-4mph+ added to the ¼ mile trap speeds+7-10MPH to the cars top speedThat is serious performance considering that is right out of the box, we will continue development for further performance, but we have maximized the factory programming so more may be possible with custom tuning and we are working with tuners and racing teams now on such programs, so look for these in the future with a VR program or upgrading to a VR programmer if you already own one such a programmer.   For the C6 Corvette 2005-2007 (LS2), excluding the Z06. For 2008 and above (LS3)models and the Z06, click below. C6 Corvette Z06 and 2008+ (LS3) Vararam Application: 2005, 2006, 2007 C6 Corvette
  • 2008-2013 C6 Corvette Z06/LS3-LS7 Intake Vararam VR-SC1R

    C6 Corvette Z06/LS3-LS7 Intake Vararam VR-SC1R

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    The new VR-SC1R Snake Charmer for the C6-Z06 represents the culmination of input and testing from racing teams, top tuners, and our relentless R&D program. This has led to a product that has proven itself to be the most powerful Ram air system on the market for the Z06 C6 Corvette!! 1/4 mile improvements of 3.5 tenths and 3.5 MPH with no tuning!! Simply plug and play! Noted improvements in both driveability and fuel mileage! The unit is made of high quality cross-link material and unique with its Billet Air Meter, Green High-Performance Filter, Throttle Body Spacer and Redesigned Air Scoop! Changes to the Front Air Scoop (now standard for all C6 kits): A) Floor was raised 1/4 inch - decreased plenum volume for increased velocity into the filterB) Air inlet venturi raised 1/4 inch volume for large cubic inch capacity enginesC) Increased flange area for improved scoop to airbox fit The unit is packed in form fitted foam and shipped in a double wall box to ensure it arrives in the same excellent condition as it left the facility!High Quality and High Performance - the VR-SC1 Snake Charmer C6-Z06 delivers both!!!         Application: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 C6 Corvette ZO6
  • VaraRam G8/GXP Ram Air V Intake System

    VaraRam G8/GXP Ram Air V Intake System

    VaraRam Pontiac G8 GXP Holden Ram Air V Intake System At a glance: • Produces a real-world 35hp+ • A direct bolt on • No chopping or cutting on the car • Unreal throttle response • Flows 1400-2000CFM+! (Depending on the filter used) • Reduces 0-60mph by a full 1/2 second! (As tested 5.2 stock vs 4.7 & 4.65 best with    VR system NO TUNING!) With a tune, we saw 4.4 sec but no grip to go faster. • Reduces 1/4 mile ET by 3 tenths and adds +3mph Minimum Guaranteed, or we will    take the unit back and pay shipping both ways! • (NO TUNING) w/ tuning you will go even quicker. (Technical information and why it looks the way it does) The G8 unit was a true exercise in packaging. We had to package as much flow potential as possible in 5 inches of length! This includes a removable front scoop, for the interchangeability of different scoop designs for street and racing combinations. (sold separately) Advanced staircase lower floor- this creates negative pressure to turn the air while minimizing turbulence, exceeding the flow of a smooth transition. (If you look closely inside the kit, you can see the mill marks where the unit was milled by hand in order to achieve the precise angles required). Large overlapping flanges are used, this allows the use of thicker, higher flow filters for future power or racing use while maintaining a proper seal for pressurization. The filter is an exclusive unit again for VR, made to VR specs for pleat depth and spacing to maximize flow for every square inch of material. The standard 3/4-inch unit (As was tested and flowed VS competition) 1400CFM @28 inch of water 1 inch SD street filter 1600CFM @28 inches of water, competition units 1850-2000CFM+. During ram effect we exceed the ratings listed above by 15%. The main air box features a two-step air horn for low and high-speed aero packages for increased throttle response and low RPM windup for quicker stoplight-to-stoplight acceleration. Enlarged neck ID capable of accepting stock-100mm+ air meters for heavily modified cars. Military specification materials are used throughout from the custom extruded flat black plastic capable of 275 deg F to the quick release low-pressure latches. High lower arch allowing the use of larger, taller radiators if the need ever arises. (A MUST READ) Take the time to look at just a small amount of this systems development. We had over 12 pages of data and reduced it to what you see. This system was designed from day one as a true ram air system. The design is set around the new GM ZETA platform that will also become the new Camaro. (Some history and technical information) From its inception we set our target numbers as 800hp/500CID and 7000RPM and built the kit from that figure. We also used "Internet Forum Members" as our testers, so they could be involved in the design process from day one. The 1st prototype performances proved to be better than anticipated. This was a more production type unit, only missing the finale tweaks (and maybe +4 hp more) than the production unit would have. The result well…How about 102Kilopascals@only 48mph! (101 is an atmosphere) as DATA logged by EFI Live. It also delivered stronger 0-60mph numbers 4.6-4.7 seconds with a severe traction problems using the AUTO trans car. (Original prototype mule was a 4.85 best in better weather, than what we were currently testing) Here again its not about peak "BOOST" or peak flow numbers its about how it makes the car accelerate "UNDER and THROUGH-OUT"the power curve. All modern EFI cars use ram tuned intake manifolds and as such when the plenum of an intake manifold is placed under constant pressure rather than relying on the engines vacuum, the return signal that begins the internal ram tuning effect inside the intake runner never has an opportunity to weaken as it makes its wave cycles. This strengthens your Torque and power under the curve substantially, usually far beyond the peak power number generated from the product. An example would be that on an LS-3 as measured inside a running engines intake runner we measured almost +1.5 PSI. With our intake in place and our intake pressure system functioning we measured + 2.25-2.31 PSI @ 1 atmosphere or 14.696PSI that’s a gain of .75-.81PSI INSIDE the runner by simply KEEPING the manifold pressurized! On a stock LS-3 that’s about +25hp. Remember this is INSIDE the intake manifold RUNNER, NOT the plenum. The plenum has enough volume to deliver the HP/CUI ratio at the set RPM limit from GM however it drops pressure during its cycles as all engines do but when any VR system is in use we always deliver the efficiency needed to produce max power and Torque, by keeping the manifold plenum at 1 atmosphere or we put it in full boost, that is pressure above 1 atmosphere. We are also the only company that offers a performance guarantee with EVERY product we sell. It will do what we say it will or we will take it back and pay shipping both ways! For the G8 We contacted forum members to test using multiple streetcars in both stock and modified trim as well as running for max mileage. The results speak for themselves. Once again, VR used the Internet and real G8 enthusiasts to build what you asked for, a product that performs beyond expectation and delivers what is promised. The entire VR staff would like to thank the G8 community for allowing us the opportunity to work together to produce a product that will continue to build on the VR tradition of winning races and setting records for yrs to come.
  • VaraRam Hemi Glass Top Ram Air Intake (2003-07 5.7L)

    VaraRam Hemi Glass Top Ram Air Intake (2003-07 5.7L)

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    VaraRam Ram Air Intake System for the 2003-07 Hemi 5.7L • The unit is over 100% efficient- that means when you move the system is already pumping in air greater then your road speed at the throttle body, that's how good the Hemi under glass flows • Reduces 0-60mph times by as much as 1 full second on 4x4s and 6 tenths of a second on 2wd hemi trucks • Reduces 1/4 miles times by as much as 6 tenths of a second! We guarantee you at least 3 tenths and 3mph no matter which truck you have. This gives more performance improvement than. Headers Cat back exhaust Power programmers Pulleys And so much more The Hemi under glass is more than performance its about creating a show stopping look that is pure "MOPAR MUSCLE!" Over a 1 yr in design and R&D to deliver the jaw dropping performance that Vararam systems have become legendary for and to create a true retro system that any Hemi truck lover would be proud to show at any event. All of this is backed by Vararam's industry leading performance guarantee! If it doesn't deliver 3 tenths and 3mph in the 1/4 mile over factory, we will take the unit back and pay shipping both ways. You are out "NOTHING!" We have been doing this for years and we look forward to bringing true Mopar performance enthusiasts into the Vararam family! Stock run 1:            Stock Run 2:    VaraRam Run 1:          VaraRam Run 2:    1/4 Mile Stock Run:        1/4 Mile VaraRam Run:    Remember, " IF YOUR NOT VARARAM EQUIPPED, YOUR JUST SUCKING AIR!"
  • VaraRam TriPower Ram Air Kit for GM Trucks and SUVs

    VaraRam TriPower Ram Air Kit for GM Trucks and SUVs

    VaraRam's TriPower Ram Air Intake for 2007-2011 GM Trucks and SUVs A real world +25-50HP* (depending on engine size and if a programmer is used) 3-5tenth of a improvements on 0-60mph runs ,without the use of a programmer. With a programmer you will see even more! 1/4mile improvements of 3 tenths and 3mph are the norm! Fuel mileage improvements of +1-3mpg  We are proud to bring you the all new VARARAM TRI-POWER RAM AIR SYSTEM!     • 07 - 08 Avalanche • 07 - 08 Escalade • 07 - 08 Denalli • 07 - 08 Tahoe • 07 - 08 GMC 1500and 2500 trucks • 07 -08 Chevy 1500and 2500 trucks This unit fits “ALL” 2007-2008/ current ,1500 and 2500 GM trucks and SUV’s With 4.8,5.3 and 6.0 liter V-8 engines.     • CAD designed Tri-power upper plenum box with internal venturi’s to enhance velocity Sealed and pressurized construction for maxim power and ram effect • Relocated Mass airflow meter for a more accurate read and throttle response. • Custom Tri-Power air filter by GREEN using air sensor safe oils ( so no air meters issues) washable and reusable • This system Flows well over 2000CFM! • Twin 5inch I.D. reinforced ram air hoses. • Twin front scoops that are over 100% efficient each • Optional Water drain valve ,that is capable of draining 1 gallon of water every 30 seconds for those brave enough to need to use it! • X-Link composite construction for strength and that OEM Look! • Easy filter access for cleaning • Designed to be compatible with all aftermarket tuners ex Diablo ,Superchips etc.... • We have even included tuning help in the instruction to help you get maximum power and fuel mileage.     THE PERFORMANCE YOU DEMAND FROM THE ONLY COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY THAT GUARANTEES IT!
  • VaraRam Cold Air GTO Holden Intake System

    VaraRam Cold Air GTO Holden Intake System

    GTO / Holden VaraRam SDR Cold Air Induction System We set our design target to support 800hp/ 500 cu inch and 7000+RPM, all while keeping the system easy to install and making it a TRUE cold air system that breathes better when the hood is CLOSED vs. Open on a dyno. (More on this below) We accomplished this goal through intensive on road and track testing which revealed the shortcomings of every other aftermarket system we tested from US and Australian manufacturers. They ALL suffered from heat soak- the Holden /GTO has a sealed engine compartment. This allows very little air in or out, so these cars run HOT naturally, let alone if the motor is built or supercharged! (Creating more heat, remember, horsepower is heat!) We tested kits that used many configurations, some went over the radiator some to the fender and others sealed to the hood, ALL of them heat soaked the mass airflow meter and air box assembly. This in turn caused the ECU to pull timing out of the motor and this also forces the tuner to detune for the street or track VS the dyno with the hood open and a fan blowing. THE VR remedy- At VR we only design our products for the REAL WORLD not a static test, because U don't win races standing still on a Dyno! Step one - Here we relocated the MAF Meter in-front of the throttle body, this improves response and makes for a more accurate read that any tuner will see on a data logging system ex EFI Live, HP tuners etc… Step two – Here we placed the MAF meter INSIDE the air box with the filter to shield it from the engine heat. Step three - We created a positive seal around the perimeter of intake plenum chamber. We force feed the chamber via the front grill area by taking the natural pressure rise that occurs here and converting it to velocity via the plenum chamber. By force feeding the kit we build some pressure inside the plenum chamber which we convert to a rise in velocity in the air filter base inlet design. We confirmed its function by measuring outside temp VS actual MAF measured intake temp the result? The actual measured intake temp was consistently lower than ambient by 2-3deg F. (This design does create some ram effect but only at speed above 60mph, unlike our other proprietary ram air systems which build positive pressure in the intake manifold at speeds as low as 37MPH!) Step four - Air filter flow- in testing we found many of the Australian front mount filters either did not flow enough air to support the HP or the angles of the air box were incorrect to flow air at the highest possible VE ( volumetric efficiency) . We flow tested ALL of the aftermarket kits US/ Aussie on our in-house superflow flow bench all the way through the cylinder head. The results were well…….., what we expected, by themselves every kit out flowed factory, but just making a big or less restrictive hole truly tells you nothing! Flowing through the head from .100-.600 inches of lift@ 28 inches of water (SAE standard) gives you a true picture of what gains are being realized by each port. We calculated this out to HP and found when we had customers dyno test there numbers were within 1-2hp of what we estimated they would gain, Stock or modified. We flow tested with stock heads and some modified heads with flow from 248, 252 stock -378CFM on heavily modified heads - LS-2 heads as well as LS-3 & LS-7 heads. NO other aftermarket system supplied could even feed the STOCK heads with the proper amount of airflow they needed from .300 inches-600inches of lift@ 28inches, only the VR accomplished this and did so by a strong margin. The VR was flowed on a set of SPECIAL heads with a prototype intake manifold (more on this in spring! no comment will be made by our staff, so don't ask) what is important is that we were able to feed the airflow required in a complete engine duty cycle on an engine that would see 700-850hp @ 7500rpm. Actual airfilter flow is between 1350 and 1800CFM @ SAE standard on anybodies flow bench even on a bad day! ( street filter vs race filter spec) Step five - delivering the flow to the filter- here we have the customer trim the upper most portion of the radiator shroud, this allows for a full 2 inches of clearance across the hood line area when the hood is closed. We measured this at a VE of 90% and came up with 1,725 CFM! (Opening the scoops showed a gain of 300CFM more at 90% VE) 2025CFM if needed! If this cut is not made it cuts flow by a staggering 50%! Which is why we say flow hood open vs. closed are separate items altogether. WE have tested; tested and tested as is the VaraRam way and we are very pleased to finally bring you this exiting new kit. THE VR Performance guarantee! We guarantee that you will get 3 tenths or 3mph through the ¼ mile and or 2 tenths or 2mph OVER any other system on the market or we will take the system back and pay shipping both ways!!

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