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        C5 Corvette B&B Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust

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        Corvette C5 Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust

        Please note: This item is sold at our rock bottom price, the best price in the world and we cannot discount further.

        Give your C5 (97-04) the same multi-mode exhaust control that the C6 has with an exhaust system from Billy Boat, the B&B Fusion Exhaust System. This is the complete kit with everything you need to upgrade your C5 to a Vacuum controlled Fusion exhaust system.

        Corvette C5 Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust

        What is bi-modal exhaust?
        The Fusion is a bi-modal exhaust system, meaning it has two passages, or modes, that the exhaust can travel through the muffler. Each of the mufflers has two outlets, with one side having a butterfly type valve which allows the exhaust flow to be shut off, regulating which side of the muffler the flows exhaust. One side of the muffler is the quiet side, and one side is the loud side. The quiet side is a smaller, muffled and chambered tube, while the loud side is 3" tubing straight through. 

        Corvette C5 Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust

        How loud is it?
        Through our development and customer feedback, we learned that customers love the bold, aggressive sound of our classic "Bullet" exhaust system for the C5. The development team at Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has now taken all we have learned from the development of the Z06 and C6 Fusion systems and applied it to the C5. This sytem uses the basic design of the "Bullet" system with a bi-modal muffler, butterfly, and vacuum valve, which give the driver a choice in the overall sound level. The loud side of the muffler has a tone similar to the famous Bullet system. In the closed position the tone would be slightly louder than the standard Route 66 system.

        Our development car was a C5 Z06 which had a highly modified engine (cams and cylinder head modifications), headers, and an off-road H pipe (no cats). This car was very loud with the standard Bullet system. The customer loved the sound and performance of the Bullet, but wanted an option to make the car a bit more "streetable". The team spent 4 months working with different mufflers and designs to acheive the classic Bullet sound in the open position, yet in the closed position the C5 has a fantastic smooth tone and deep rumble. On the highway there is nearly no noticeable drone in the cabin.

        What controls the valves?
        The butterfly is controlled by a vacuum valve, which we built and developed completely in-house. On the Z06 and the 2008 C6 with the NPP option, this valve is controlled by the ECU. The valve opens based on RPM and throttle position. Since the C5 has no option for the valve, we use the same vacuum kit and control as the C6 without NPP. Our expertise here at B&B is getting the tone right for your Corvette, and we think we nailed this one. In the closed position, the tone is aggressive but substantially quieter than the standard Bullet system. Open the valves, the overall volume and tone increase to the point of the classic Bullet exhaust tone.

        What is in the kit?
        Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has spent months developing a stand-alone kit which allows any C5 to take advantage of the bi-modal system. The kit comes complete with all the wiring, control switch, vacuum line, vacuum accumulator, and vacuum switch needed for installation. We have used the engine as the vacuum source (it is the same port the factory uses for the NPP) and the installation is simple and straightforward.

        Corvette C5 Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust

        Will they bolt up to my stock H pipe or my stock headers?
        Each part of the system will fit a stock H-pipe or the stock headers. The parts can be mixed and matched (rear exhaust, x-pipe, and long tube headers) For best performance it is recommended to use the long tube headers, the Billy Boat x-pipe, and the C5 Fusion.

        Billy Boat has combined the best of the Bullet exhaust with the best new technology to give you the Fusion System for your Corvette. The muffler tips are double walled, 4" round or 4.5" oval. The entire system comes completely polished and the result is a truly spectacular look and sound that gives this high-performance sports car the look and aggressive sound which will have heads turning everywhere you go.

        Tips are available with your choice of polished Stainless Steel tips, which are finished to a gorgeous mirror like shine, and new Black Satin Ceramic Coated Exhaust tips for a more unique and aggressive modified appearance.

        Corvette C5 Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust

        All B&B products are precision built in rugged fixtures, completely TIG welded, and are a direct replacement for stock exhaust components and include all hardware and gaskets. No machining, no cutting, and no welding means easy installation. We provide the perfect mix of performance, sound, and style your Corvette. Each Billy Boat Performance Exhaust system is backed by a lifetime warranty against rust, corrosion or burn through and 2 full years against defects in materials or workmanship.

        Free Shipping in the lower 48 states

        Wanna know how to do the Vacum control installation? See below...

        C6 Fusion Vacuum Control Switch Installation Guide

        If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

        Thank you for your purchase of this fine Billy Boat Performance Exhaust product. With proper installation your new Billy Boat Performance Exhaust system will last a lifetime. While installation of this product is very simple and straight forward, there are a couple areas that need some attention. Customer assumes all responsibility. Billy Boat Performance Exhaust is not liable for any damages that might occur during installation.

        #1- Secure vehicle to wheel lift. Figure 1 shows the kit as it comes from Billy Boat Performance Exhaust. Before beginning open kit inspect all components.

        #2- With the hood opened, remove the coil packs from the passenger side of the engine by removing the nuts marked A and disconnecting plug B shown in figure 2 and lay coil packs on the intake manifold.

        #3- Locate the vacuum ports on the rear of the intake manifold, see figure 3. The large port towards the driver side is for the brake booster. Towards the passenger side there is a smaller port with a plastic T shaped cap, this cap (figure 4) must be removed. The best way to do this is with a twisting motion. Once the cap is removed install the vacuum hose to the port and run it down between the firewall and bell housing.

        #4- Raise the vehicle and locate vacuum hose and route thru the center tunnel under the automobile, down the passenger side of the tunnel. (Note: Using some type of a steel wire such as a coat hanger may make this easier to run). After exiting the tunnel run the vacuum line up over the rear end following the parking brake cable (Figure 5) through the aluminum cross member brace and along frame towards rear of car (figure 6). Using the supplied zip ties secure the vacuum line to the transmission cooler lines up by the engine and the parking brake line at the rear of the car.

        #5- Lower the vehicle to begin the installation of the Fusion control box. Open passenger side door and remove floor mat. Pull down on passenger side floorboard to access fuse block. Remove 10 amp fuse located in the bottom right and insert fuse adapter into fuse block (figure 7). Locate the grounding screw on the bottom left and remove. Insert screw through ground wire connector and reinstall (figure 7). Place Fusion control box under fuse block and route blue antenna wire as shown (figure 7). Making sure all wires are tucked in, fold back floorboard and re-install mat.

        #6- Take remaining wire loom and route it towards the rear of the car on the passenger side tucking it under the interior trim working towards the rear. Continue tucking wires under interior trim in the rear cargo area and down into the passenger side storage well. (Figures 8,9,10)

        #7- Drill 3/8" hole in the back rear corner of the storage well (figure 11). Route wire looms through hole and insert the grommet.

        #8- Using the supplied template drill (4) 3/16" mounting holes into the passenger side rear splash guard (note: If you do not have a 90-degree angle drill you will have to remove the passenger rear tire). Mount the vacuum reservoir and solenoid assembly to the inside of the rear splash guard with the supplied bolts and nuts (figure 12). Install rear tire if it was removed.

        #9- Plug electrical connections together. Plug vacuum line coming from front of car into the open side of vacuum reservoir. Route vacuum line coming from the solenoid and connect to both Fusion actuators using supplied "T"s and vacuum line (figure 13). - Check to make sure that the vacuum hose or electrical does not rub on anything. Check to make sure that all vacuum hose and electrical connections are tight.

        #10- Reinstall the coil packs and start the engine and check for vacuum leaks.

        Fusion Exhaust switch operation. Now that your install is complete you are ready to test the system. With the engine running the exhaust valves will be closed. Press the off button and the valves will open unleashing the beast within. Press on and the valves will again close.

        Southern Car Parts was the Sponsor of the Chad Boat #84 Toyota for the Chicago race back in 2013.... We've got a great business relationship with Billy Boat Exhaust and Southern Car Parts knows the B&B Product line better than anyone in the business. We stock many C5, C6 and C7 exhaust systems.

        Corvette C5 Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust

        Application: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 C5 Corvette

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