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Corvette C6 APR Performance

APR Chevrolet Corvette C6 Performance Racing Modifications

Carbon Fiber Racing Body Kit Pieces for the Chevrolet Corvette C6 by APR Performance

Corvette. The word alone is immediately indicative of style, performance, class, and power. In the automotive world few words harken such fear and respect as that single one: Corvette. With the sixth-generation C6 Corvette, Chevrolet outdid themselves, manufacturing a vehicle with supercar performance and eyecatching style. A vehicle as fine and with as storied a name and tradition as the Corvette deserves the finest aftermarket modification pieces as well, and that's where APR Performance's line of modification pieces comes in. Manufactured from the highest quality carbon fiber materials on the market today, APR Performance pieces provide extremely lightweight and durable body panel modification pieces for your Corvette. Every APR piece is carefully and intelligently designed and then track tested to ensure that they provide optimal performance gains to your Corvette. A complete APR Performance kit for the Corvette will provide great improvements to downforce and drag numbers and help shave seconds off of lap times, and in addition to this, each piece for APR Performance is as beautiful as it is functional. APR Performance Carbon Fiber modification pieces are the finishing brushstrokes on the automotive magnum opus that is the Corvette.

C6 Corvette Carbon Fiber Diffuser

Carbon Fiber Corvette Body Kit

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