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APR Performance Parts

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Carbon Fiber Racing Modifications by APR Performance for Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, & more

Since 1999, APR Performance has been producing and manufacturing high-quality performance products for the aftermarket automobile industry. Every product is track tested to assure they are able to withstand the extreme environment of the track.

With capabilities to produce products in both Carbon Fiber and Aluminum manufacturing processes, APR’s products are durable and lightweight. These composite technologies allow APR to maintain its high levels of quality and durability.

If you track a vehicle heavily, APR Performance produces the finest parts you could ask for. Every single item in their catalog is track-tested and built specifically to maximize vehicle performance under any and all conditions. On road tracks, drag strips, autocross races, and in dirt and snow, APR Performance will help your vehicle shave seconds off of lap times. Each piece is manufactured from the highest quality materials to provide lightweight, extremely strong modification pieces for your vehicle.

SouthernCarParts is very proud to be an APR Preferred Dealer for their entire performance catalog. All of our prices are extremely competitive, and we offer APR performance parts for a wide range of vehicles. We originally sold their products for the Corvette only, and the extreme popularity and consistent fantastic reviews received towards their product line pushed us to offer their entire product line. Take a look at our APR Catalog today and see if we have a performance product ideal for your vehicle!

All merchandise manufactured by APR Performance is fully warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for one year from the time of purchase. If any product is suspected of being defective, return the product to APR Performance. APR will not accept any C.O.D. returns unless specified by an APR representative. Any item determined to be defective will be replaced. On any warranty claim, we will be responsible for APR parts only. APR is not responsible for any labor or inconvenience charges.

APR Aerodynamic Kits are designed to achieve the highest possible aerodynamic characteristics in a production aero kit. Each kit is engineered to provide minimum drag coefficients while giving each vehicle a wider stance to increase traction. Not only are the kits fully function but also provide a unique look that matches the curves and shapes of each specific vehicle. To ensure the quality fitment and finish, high grade fiberglass and carbon fiber materials are used in the construction of these aero kits.

The APR Performance Front Wind Splitter is an aerodynamic tuning component that plays an important role in helping a vehicle achieve aerodynamic balance. Just as there are significant forces acting upon the rear-end of a rear wing-equipped vehicle, there are also significant forces acting upon the front-end of a Splitter-equipped vehicle

When it comes to racing, every second counts. APR Performance Adjustable Wings can give you that edge to achieve faster lap times. By reducing lift and increasing downforce, you can gain extra traction during high speed cornering.

Although adjustable wings aren’t specifically a suspension component, they play a crucial role to the handling characteristics of a car. By adjusting the angle of attack on an adjustable wing, you can dial in the amount of downforce for better car control. This allows your car to have more or less oversteer characteristics, giving you additional control to tune the rear traction of your car.

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