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Corvette C7 Performance Parts

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Corvettes are all about performance. You don’t buy a Corvette to get your kids back and forth to soccer practice safely while helping the world’s fuel supply. Instead, you purchase and drive a Corvette to burn fuel, burn rubber and look awesome while you’re doing it. Here at Southern Car Parts, we love that attitude and want to help you do even more smoky burnouts by offer you our inventory that is filled with C7 Corvette performance parts.

If more power is what you’re looking for, we can help you find that extra power that your stock Corvette Stingray parts are hiding. Our cold air intakes are a perfect place to start. You’d be amazed at just how much power you could be losing out on when using your stock air intake system. Cold air intakes are about a half hour easy install. Our C7 Corvette Z06 AFe Cold Air Intake System can give you a 12+ horsepower boost and a 16-lb.-ft.-lb. of torque increase. We carry brands like aFe, Halltech, Airaid and more to make sure you have choices in configuration and performance increases.

C7 Corvette Exhaust System Performance Parts

Another set of common C7 Corvette performance mods Corvette owners go for a lot are exhaust system upgrades. Stingray ZR1 exhaust performance upgrades will help your Corvette sound better and perform better. You can expect to feel a better throttle response, enjoy better fuel economy and see increased horsepower and torque numbers on the dyno. Shop manufacturers like Billy Boat Exhaust, Akrapovic, LG Motorsports and more. If you’re looking for a set of headers, a cat-back system, an upgrade from your average exhaust to an NPP style exhaust (GM High-Performance Exhaust), we have you covered. There are no other C7 Corvette performance packages that can make your Corvette feel more like a race car than a nice mean sounding exhaust system.

If you like the power that your Corvette puts out but would like it to run a little more efficiently and in-tuned to the way you drive, we offer plenty of C7 Corvette performance upgrades to help you achieve those goals. The Computer Aided Gear Selection (CAGS) feature that comes on Corvettes is something that can get on a lot of owners nerves. CAGS will automatically skip from first gear to fourth gear depending on your driving characteristics. This is for the sole purpose of saving on fuel and putting less stress on your engine whenever possible. If you don’t like it, one of our C7 Corvette Skip Shift Eliminator CAGS performance parts will take care of it for you. An easy and quick install that anyone can do, this is a great way to have more control over how your Corvette performs. Another easy install that will help you better control how your Corvette runs is a C7 Corvette aFe Power Sprint Booster Power Converter. These C7 Z06 performance parts will speed up the throttle body telling the throttle body butterfly to open up faster for better acceleration. Reducing throttle body lag is a performance upgrade that you will surely notice and enjoy.

Other C7 Corvette performance mods that will help you change the way your Corvette accelerates are a set of C7 Corvette GM LT Series Malevolent 85Kv Coil Pack Set and a set of LT1 Hi-Temp coil wires. All very easy and affordable installs that can help you achieve more horsepower and better fuel economy along with noticeably better throttle response.

Corvettes already come well equipped to handle a lot of power, but if you’re thinking about doing more than just some average aggressive driving, then you might want to check out our suspension C7 Corvette performance mods page. We have suspension upgrades like sway bars, control rear toe links, adjustable street coilovers, drop spindles for lowering and more. The average driver probably won’t find the need to make suspension upgrades, but if you plan on pushing your Corvette to the limit, you might want to a least upgrade your suspension to a PFADT Stage 1 or 2 C7 Corvette performance package. You don’t want to find yourself going into a turn and instead of coming out of it, you find yourself smashed into a wall.

Our C7 Corvette performance parts are here to help you turn your already beast of a sports car into something that runs more in-tune to the way you like to drive your Corvette. From supercharges and exhaust systems to SCT Performance Programmers that can beef up your ECU, Southern Car Parts has the best C7 Corvette performance upgrades the web has to offer. With the best brands and the best prices, we guarantee you a fun and successful shopping experience when you shop here with us.

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