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C6 Corvette Window Valet
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        C6 Corvette Window Valet

        Southern Car Parts
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        C6 Corvette Window Valet 

        The Window Valet for C6 Corvette provides remote power window control for the 2005-Present C6 Corvettes (including the Z06). It is as simple as clicking the lock button on your Keyfob three times and the windows roll up. Click unlock 3 times and the windows roll down. Excellent way to vent the car on hot summer days as you are walking up.

        Installation is as easy as plugging the device into your OBDII port under the steering wheel. Pop it out and the car is back to stock. Very safe and easy to use with your new C6 Corvette.

        Additional bonus features can be optionally configured.
        Bonus Features: The Window Valet for C6 includes several bonus features in addition to remote window control. There is a special "subtle alarm" warning mode, an unlock on handbrake feature, and a high speed/tach report.

        * 1 - The "subtle alarm" mode will cause the horn to toot three times whenever someone pulls on an outside door handle while the car is locked. If a valid FOB is detected and the door unlocks because the C6's passive mode is enabled, the horn will not sound. It's a you're busted message to kids trolling for unlocked cars.

        * 2 - "Unlock on brake" will unlock the doors whenever the handbrake is set. It will re-lock the doors whenever the brake is released. This feature is only available when the engine is running. It's convenient when dropping off a passenger.

        * 3 - The "high speed/tach report" will show the highest speed and the highest RPM recorded by the Window Valet™ for C6 since it was last cleared. These values are shown directly on the speedometer and tachometer's analog needles.

        The only mph on a 200mph style gauge is available. To recall the values, press and hold RESET on the Instrument Panel Cluster while tapping unlock six (6) times on the driver's door panel.

        Speeds up to 100mph will be shown. To show the remainder over 100mph, press the GAUGES button. Press RESET again to exit, or press FUEL to clear the high values and exit. Bonus Feature Configuration Process: To configure bonus features 1 and 2, press the driver's door panel unlock button quickly six (6) times. The tachometer will move to 1 rpm and the speedometer will either read 30 mph or 0 mph depending on whether or not the first feature (Subtle Alarm) is configured to be ON or OFF. Pressing the FUEL button will then toggle the ON/OFF configuration of the Subtle Alarm mode. Pressing another button, such as GAUGES will recall the configuration status for another feature. That feature can then be toggled ON or OFF by simply pressing its associated button again until the desired setting is achieved.

        Press RESET to exit configuration mode. All changes are automatically saved inside the Window Valet for C6. This data will be saved if the unit is removed and re-installed later. When configured at the factory, all bonus features are disabled so that no one is surprised by an unexpected action, such as the doors unlocking when the handbrake is set. Here's an example that shows exactly how to set the unlock on brake feature:

        Example: To set the Unlock on brake feature, enter configuration mode by pressing unlock on the driver door panel six (6) times.

        Note that the tachometer is now reading 1 KRPM indicating that configuration mode is active and that the Subtle Alarm feature is being reviewed.

        Press the GAUGES button on the Instrument Panel Cluster to review the Unlock on brake feature. If fresh from the factory, the speedometer should now read 0 mph (feature off) while the tachometer will read about 2 KRPM. Press the GAUGES button again to activate the feature and note that the speedometer will now show 30 mph. (Pressing the GAUGES button another time will toggle the feature off again and indicate so by moving the speedometer back to 0 mph.) Press RESET on the Instrument Panel Cluster to exit configuration mode or select another feature to review or change.

        Note: The C6 may toot its horn on the second and third remote lock commands even if its horn configuration is set to silent when locking. This is a feature of the C6, not the Window Valet, and is designed to act as a lock confirmation.
        To prevent the horn from blowing when remotely raising the windows, you may use the alternate window up command sequence: Unlock, Unlock, Lock.

        C6 Corvette  Window Valet

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        • May 20, 2010, 21:59
          this is a great toy???????? Needs the Radio to come on when unlock in the doos "like the C5 HAS"
          Please let me know when you get this feature in the C 6 Window Valet......

          jim M
        • Oct 23, 2009, 09:38
          Great little unit. Very easy to program. The venting feature, subtle alarm and unlock with brake are nice features. Does not impact any internal car circuitry when plugged in or unplugged.

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