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Escort Entourage PS GPS
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        Escort Entourage PS GPS

        Escort Radar Detectors
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        Escort Entourage PS GPS

        GPS portable vehicle security and location awareness
        Portable Security and recovery for your vehicle and belongings with mobile phone alerting and location awareness.

        Escort Entourage GPS

        Experience truly portable security and location awareness for your vehicles and other belongings with ESCORT Entourage PS, combining always-on GPS tracking, tamper-sensing technology and instant security alerting through email and text message. Discover real portability with the Blackline GPS UltimateSense antenna that makes it easy to hide the PS in a variety of places. Real location awareness lets you share your vehicle’s movements with people you know on their Blackberry smartphones or browser-enabled mobile phones and computers. And real security lets you set your own “safety zones,” and alerts you when they’ve been compromised. These features and more make choosing Entourage PS real easy.

        Entourage GPS

        Escort Entourage

        Entourage PS GPS

        Security alerting
        Notifies you of security threats via email and text message (SMS) to any mobile phone
        Wireless technology
        Allows you to remotely interact with
        your Entourage PS via your Web browser and select smartphones
        Allows you to protect any vehicle that
        you drive
        Tamper alerting
        Notifies you of tampering with email & text message alerts
        GPS security perimeter monitoring
        Alerts you if your vehicle or belongings leave without you
        Real-time GPS tracking
        Tells you where your Entourage PS is
        at anytime
        UltimateSense GPS technology
        Allows Entourage PS to be conveniently hidden while delivering unmatched performance
        Internal rechargeable battery
        Gives up to 1 week battery life before recharging again

        What’s in the box?
        • Entourage PS vehicle security device
        • Wall charger
        • Car Charger
        • Getting started guide

        Product Specification
        Size & weight
        • Length: 10 cm L , 7.5 cm W, 2.5 cm T (4”L X 3”W X 1”T)
        • Weight: 120g, 4.2oz
        • Operating temperature: -20ºC to +55ºC (-4ºF to +131ºF)
        • Storage temperature: -30ºC to +75ºC (-22ºF to +167ºF)
        • Humidity: 100% condensing
        • Ingress protection level: IP65
        Buttons, indicator lights & connector
        • Power button with green wireless connection light
        • Security arm/disarm button with red security arm light
        • GSM/GPRS: Quad-band (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHZ)
        • Always-on connection
        • 2-way communication enables real-time tracking & remote arm and disarm
        Security Alerts (via email and SMS text message)
        • Tamper-sense alert
        • GPS security perimeter breach alert
        Notifications (via email and SMS)
        • Low internal battery notification
        • On-network notification, off-network notification
        • 20-channel GPS receiver
        • Industry-leading UltimateSense™ GPS antenna technology: Makes the most of weak GPS coverage
        Tracking performance
        • Real-time tracking turnaround time: 20 seconds typical
        • Continuous tracking turnaround time: 5 to 10 seconds per location after the first location
        • Location accuracy: <5 m outdoors typical,
        <150 m indoors typical
        Power & battery

        For proper operation the Entourage does require a monthly wireless subscription fee of $14.95 and there is an optional vehicle recovery service that can also be purchased for 119.95 a year. More details on the different plans below.

        Overview of the Blackline GPS Subscription plans
        for your ESCORT Entourage PS or CIS

        AVAILABLE for both the ESCORT Entourage CIS and ESCORT Entourage PS
        Put the power of your ESCORT Entourage powered by Blackline GPS and its always-on cellular networks, top-tier GPS tracking
        and tamper-sensing technology to work for you—and protect. share. connect.™ as never before.
        Basic Subscription plan includes:
        • Uninterrupted automatic credit card recurring billing
        • No service cancellation fees
        • Superior wireless coverage in the US and Canada
        • Easy-to-personalize online Internet browser-based interface
        • Unlimited real-time locating produces locations as quick as 20 seconds
        • Continuous tracking provides 10-second locations for up to three minutes at a time
        • Up to 15-minute scheduled locating automates tracking process for you
        • Mobile security alerts and notification via email and text message (SMS)
        • Early indication of possible theft through tamper-sensing and alerting
        • Instant theft indication through GPS security perimeter monitoring and alerting
        • MyPass™ key fob automatically arms and disarms the Entourage CIS security system
        • Remote control of the Entourage CIS or PS through text message (SMS)
        • Interactive mapping with zoom and panning features
        • 6-month location and security data history within Network Account
        • FREE Location-sharing and Friend-finder app for supported smartphones with an unparalleled, convenient mobile interface
        • 24/7 live customer care
        Flexible plans for your life.

        The Subscription Plans for ESCORT
        Entourage CIS and Entourage PS

        $14.95/month Monthly Subscription plan
        The Lowest Basic Monthly Plan
        • $14.95/month with uninterrupted monthly billing with a 3 month prepayment
        • $29.95 activation fee
        • No cancellation fee
        • No contracts
        $14.95/month with activation – Save up to $60/year
        $19.95/month Monthly Subscription plan
        The Pay as you go Monthly Plan
        • $19.95/month with uninterrupted monthly billing
        • $29.95 activation fee
        • No cancellation fee
        • No contracts
        $19.95/month with activation

        Annual Subscription plan
        PLAN 1: Annual Pay Now, Pay Less
        • Our best monthly rate of $14.95 for 10 months plus
        • 2 months free ($29.90 in savings)
        • 1 year uninterrupted coverage
        • No activation fee ($29.95 in savings)
        • No cancellation fee
        • One time payment
        • No contracts
        $149.50/year – Total savings of $59.85
        All plans and promotions are subject to change. All plans are typically non-refundable. Under certain conditions, plans may be refundable
        but may include additional costs for cancellation such as higher monthly rates ($19.95 through the term of service, activation fees ($29.95)
        and other costs (services provided for free within various promotions). Should any customer wish to take advantage of any promotional plan
        unavailable at the time they first purchased their plan will be handled on a case-by-case basis with customer service.
        Overview of the Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery
        Service™ (BMRS) for the ESCORT Entourage CIS Only.
        It’s your guarantee of maximum convenience, efficiency and peace-of-mind.
        AVAILABLE ONLY ON THE Entourage CIS / Annual subscription plan is required for service
        Instant theft detection
        Unlike other services, Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service is triggered instantly. If your vehicle is ever stolen,
        Entourage CIS notifies you directly by email and text message (SMS). Simultaneously, the BMRS recovery center is contacted,
        and you will receive a call from a live person to verify your watercraft’s status so the recovery process can begin immediately.
        Your MyPass makes it happen
        The MyPass™ key fob included with your Entourage CIS GPS system conveniently automates its security features. Every time
        you leave your vehicle, the MyPss automatically and wirelessly arms your Entourage, and disarms it when you return. If your
        vehicle leaves its GPS security perimeter without your MyPass present, you are instantly notified through mobile alerting via
        email and text message. If you subscribe to the Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service, the recovery process is
        triggered instantly.
        Confidence counts
        When your vehicle goes missing, every minute matters. With Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service, you can be
        assured of the highest levels of quality and experience. And with many insurance carriers offering discounts to customers
        with permanently-installed theft systems, subscribing to BMRS is the best way to safeguard your investment.
        Note: Purchasing the Blackline GPS Monitoring and Recovery Service may reduce the cost of your insurance up to 30% on
        your comprehensive. Additionally, some companies may even waive your deductable in the event that the vehicle is not
        recovered. All customers should check with their carrier to understand their individual benefits. Our Monitoring and Recovery
        Service is provided under the following associations: NBFAA, MSCA (Massachusetts), MBFAA (Maine), CBFAA, AARI, NHAA,
        GBFAA (Geogia), AAA (Alabama), LBFAA (Louisiana), and the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and other associations.
        Monitoring and Recovery Plans for ESCORT Entourage CIS

        Annual Blackline GPS Monitoring and Recovery Service plan
        Annual GPS Monitoring and Recovery Service
        • $119.95/year
        • 1 year uninterrupted coverage
        • No activation fee
        • No cancellation fee
        • One-time payment
        • No contracts
        • Annual subscription plan required for service
        • Insurance benefits
        Save an additional 10% Annually with our best Combo
        Blackline GPS Monitoring and Recovery Service plan and Subscription plan in one
        Annual GPS Monitoring and Recovery Service
        • $119.95/year
        • 1 year uninterrupted coverage
        • No activation fee
        • No cancellation fee
        • One time payment
        • No contracts
        • Annual subscription plan required for service
        $119.95 PLUS
        The Lowest Basic Monthly Plan
        • $14.95/month with uninterrupted monthly billing with a 3 month prepayment
        • $29.95 activation fee
        • No cancellation fee
        • No contracts
        $14.95/month with activation – Save up to $60/year
        That’s $329.30 for a year for both plans if bought separately. Buy both and get an addition 10%
        discount when bought together.
        TOTAL PLAN: $296.37 for a total of more than $90 in savings


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