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Akrapovic Car Exhaust

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The Akrapovic exhaust company doesn’t sell your average exhaust products. Designed and manufactured in Slovenia, the founder, Igor Akrapovic, set out to offer their customers only the highest quality Akrapovic car exhaust systems. Produced in high-quality stainless steel or lightweight Titanium, you won’t just be adding amazing sound and performance to your vehicle, but their Titanium products can offer you up to a 40% cut in exhaust weight.

The first thing you will notice about an Akrapovic exhaust is the beautiful engineering and design of these products. From the Akrapovic exhaust tips to the mufflers all the way up to the cats and the headers, nothing about an Akrapovic exhaust system is done mediocre. Using three dynamometers, 3D scanners and 3D printers, they can come up with life-size prototypes with absolute precision. And when it comes to manufacturing of the actual product, all Akrapovic exhaust systems are 100% developed and manufactured in-house so they can have complete control over quality control.

Gain Horsepower and Torque with Akrapovic Car Exhaust Tips

Akrapovic slip-on exhaust and muffler systems are manufactured with the technology that offers you low restriction for high flowing performance that will give you better horsepower and torque across the RPM range. The inside of an Akrapovic muffler is manufactured by using a sandwich construction of stainless steel mesh and stainless steel wool to add to its lifespan while still offering a great sound and major performance abilities. All Akrapovic exhaust systems are TIG welded by hand to ensure perfect welds that will ensure a long-lasting construction that promotes stiffness and durability for many, many years.

Akrapovic car exhaust systems are only being sold for a select few sets of car manufacturers, including the Corvette. We also carry the Porsche 996 911 Turbo Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust and the Lamborghini Aventator LP700-4 Titanium Slip-On Exhaust for those luxury car models.

If your car hasn’t made Akrapovic’s elite list yet, feel free to call us here at Southern Car Parts to check and see if you can expect some Akrapovic exhaust products for your car sometime soon as new Akrapovic exhaust systems are being designed and tested all the time. The Akrapovic exhaust company has been around since 1990 and has been growing and becoming one of the number one exhaust systems in the automotive aftermarket and racing circuits all over the world. Their goal is to make their awesome technology and designs available to everyone, so if they don’t make an exhaust system for your ride yet, they could very well be in the works of expanding into your market - check back with us periodically.

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